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Nathan Shepard

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On January 21, 2016
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Survive the End Days is an online program which familiarizes you with the steps to be followed in case of a disaster.

Mother Nature is unpredictable. And it is the most powerful of all. When Mother Nature comes to destroy, it can wipe off countries and continents from the map. And no matter the advancements in the technology, you can never possibly know the time or the venue of the next disaster. Nobody knows what’s going to happen the next minute but what everybody wants is to save their loved ones from any harm.

While we try everything in our control to save the ones we love from any kind of danger, we tend to fall victim to natural disasters. With the rise in global warming, war and shift in the tectonic plates of the Earth, it is imperative for everybody to receive the basic ‘survival education’ in order to survive for long in case of any catastrophe.

No we are not talking about the basic ‘disaster management’ lessons that one receives in schools. We are talking about the most fundamental and practical surviving strategies which everybody should have knowledge of. You may have all the safety things you need to survive an adversity but it won’t help you if you have no idea about using it effectively.

Luckily, Nathan Shepard has formulated a surviving program called Survive the End Days which gives you an insight on wise surviving strategies.

What is Survive the End Days?

In the simplest of words, Survive the End Days is an online program which familiarizes you with the steps to be followed in case of a disaster. The program has been developed by Nathan Shepard and consists of multiple step-by-step guides. You must be thinking who is this Nathan guy and why should I listen to what he is saying. Well, Shepard has been a Bible Scholar for almost 30 years and in Survive the End Days, he brings forward the various prophecies that have been hiding in the bible.

The author believes that the bible throws us hints about the upcoming disasters. For instance, In the program you will see the author try to explain the intensity of an EMP and HEMP attack which the world will witness in 2017. The author has shared his understanding and knowledge about the survival techniques.

With the help of Survive the End Days, the author attempts to aware us of the second coming of the Jesus which means the end days are near. This conclusion has been made on events like the Nepal Earthquake, Syrian war, Obama leadership etc. This program was developed after carefully conducting a research for 18 months. This program will teach you the basic things such as putting out a fire without a fire extinguisher, preparing a shelter, or finding fresh water. This program provides you with an opportunity to master skills that will come in handy any time of the day.

The author has also uploaded a video describing the ways in which the Church leaders along with the Obama government are involved in an enormous cover-up and has been forcing Shepard to take down the video. You can view this video below before it is taken down from the internet forever.


How does Survive the End Days help you?

Nathan suggests that 2017 will hit us with a deadly EMP and nuclear HEMP attack. Survive the End Days has been created to prepare us for the adversities that will befall upon us if the prophecy was to come true. The program teaches you the most basic and helpful skills one needs to know in order to survive any catastrophe.

The program can be bought on the internet for an amount of $37. After you have purchased the program, you will be able to master essential survival skills such as:

  • Finding freshwater or converting lake water into fresh water to sustain.
  • Building a shelter to protect your family against animals and insects.
  • Preparing a cage called the Faraday Cage to avoid any damage to your electronic devices.
  • Preparing the most basic medical kit.
  • Identifying chemical weapons and surviving them.
  • Putting on fire to prepare food and preventing that food from spoilage.


Survive the End Days program also provides you two valuable bonuses:

  1. Survive the Nuclear Attack: This is the first bonus provided by Survive the End Days program. This bonus teaches you everything you need to know about finding necessities like water and food in case of a nuclear attack in your country. Also, you will be able to master tips on identifying radiation sickness and corresponding treatments.
  2. Survive the Chemical War Guide: The second bonus provided by the Survive the End Days program includes tips and techniques on surviving adversities in case of a chemical war.

Good Things about the Program

  1. Nathan Shepard has used very simple language to explain multiple processes in the program. Therefore, this program is easy-to-understand.
  2. The program consists of instructions which will help you survive the worst of conditions.
  3. Shepard offers a 60-day money back guarantee on the program. So if you were to purchase the program and think you did not learn anything of value, you would have the opportunity to return the program and get a refund.

The Bottom Line

We live in a world where nothing is known. We don’t know what we are going to do tomorrow, where we will be 3 days later, or what will happen the next month. In a situation like that, Nathan Shepard has achieved a great milestone by developing a program which serves everyone. The tips provided by Shepard in the program will help you provide yourself with basic necessities in case of any natural disaster. Therefore, everybody should give this program a try. Even if you are not completely satisfied, you will learn something of value.


Survive the End Days is an online program which familiarizes you with the steps to be followed in case of a disaster.

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