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On March 24, 2016
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Sciatica SOS is a step-by-step guide on how to beat your sciatica pains once and for all.


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My sciatica dilemmas started up from a fairly ordinary injury, I was outside in the area and one among my students (I am a high school teacher) that I ‘ve a good mentor-pupil relationship with encouraged me to skateboard with him and his buddies, despite my protests that I hadn’t done a wheelie in years. Everything appeared in great fun, so when I landed on my back, I got the board and carried on to injure myself. What I wouldn’t understand until later is that a mix of bearing, some neglectful weightlifting, and then this episode all compounded into me growing sciatica.

It was over last year, along with the pain was completely intolerable. At first I simply relied on pain drug and yoga/extends to help temporarily relieve the symptoms, but it got to the stage where I understood if I needed to be rid of it, I would need to manage my sciatica.

This type of attitude and my readiness to continuously study new treatments (comes with all the training you get being a teacher) lead to me Glen Johnson’s treatment for Sciatica. As I can so that you can provide an honest review to anybody considering it, I am likely to go through as much of this program.

Sciatic SOS is a fairly new protocol from, compiled by regular typical guy, Glen Johnson. That is correct, he is not some form of physician nor does he pretend to be one. Rather, at 44 years old ( or “youthful” as he refers to himself), he says that he was diagnosed at age 41 with sciatica. He says he was being kept by his sciatica from living a standard life along with his lovely wife and son. The program came to be from him becoming frustrated with his sciatica hanging on powerful despite several years of drugs and chiropractor excursions.

What’s Sciatic SOS?

I am likely to paraphrase/sum up exactly what the program is in my own personal words, although should you go their web site, a drawn-out video from Johnson himself will describe it in his words far better than I can. This video provides video and sound of the creator, Glen Johnson of the guide, just how it works to treat Sciatica and describing his aim with all the plan. You’ll be able to check that out here, should you’d prefer to read a text version of all info.

The guide is chiefly focused on an all-natural sciatica treatment in the Nepalese people. Glen clarifies that it was not until one of his wife’s friends presented him to her all natural recipe for a particular kind of tea that he started to see consequences that are serious in his sciatica.

Sciatica SOS comes together with an explanation for how exactly it works and the recipe with this tea. And I am not planning to lie, initially, once I read this is seemed a bit astounding. I was not quite prepared to hit the “BS” button yet, but the narrative of someone foreign is bit of an overused trope. However, could it be overused since it gives you credible deniability, or because other states are much less reliant on modern medicine and just use natural remedies (which, for them, could be really hit or miss) to solve their ailments?
More Information

This treatment revolves around her natural treatments for sciatica and Glen’s pal Xie, but it is very important to see that she did not come to him presenting an answer to sciatica. What she offered was a tea that specialized in doing one thing that is significant: loosening his muscles. At an incredibly alarming speed, even (five minutes or so afterwards and his legs were totally slacked).

Sciatic pain is usually brought on by damage to your own nervous system, especially it being overactive. Treatments which will help relax your nerves will not be ineffective in dulling, numbing, or halting sciatica. Nonetheless, it is not common to find out NATURAL manners of “driving” your nerves to relax. That is where an edge is gained by this guide.

Sciatica in and of itself is not incurable, but the way you go about it matters a lot. You are in it for the very long term, should you elect to rely on the pharmaceutical companies. You will need to keep purchasing expensive treatments which are made to only survive as long as you keep taking them . Or at least, this is the fundamental argument in favor of using his guide to resolve your sciatica through natural methods for great of Johnson.

How Can it Work?

The treatment is made to release tension in muscles, your joints, tendons, and nerves which are being built each single time you experience jolts of pain brought on by sciatica up. The medication intends to cure the afflicted regions, instead of only strengthening the muscles but not fighting with the supply of pain.

This type of treatment is hardly atypical of Nepal – the individuals of whose generally go within their treatments for both spiritual and mental gains. Drugstores aren’t about your religious/mental health – instead focusing on even and merely your physical health treatment of symptoms rather than causes. Faux drugs just are not designed to be one stop-stores.

Guide Breakdown

Step #1: Instruction
The beginning of the guide is really typical, only describing what sort of pain is really occurring when it starts to impact you, and what sciatica is, why it is so common.

Step #2: Removal
This really is where the treatment for sciatica is obviously presented, in addition to helpful tips to readily integrate it in your everyday routine. It is fast and as straightforward to read as it would be to execute – with Johnson saying you will visit a significant lowering of your sciatica after only one week.


  • Software is not difficult to read and just copes using an alternative that is natural.
  • Great quantity of anecdotal and scientific evidence joined to support claims
  • Simple to read and execute
  • There’s 60-day refund policy.


  • Does speak a little waste from the pharmaceutical companies generally. Not all advanced medication alternatives are not good for me.
  • Needs a small leap of faith for you yourself to truly attempt the remedy in the very first place.
  • Guarantees a 7 day treatment, which may be discouraging should you do not find outcomes that are successful that are such


This guide was really successful for me personally personally in eliminating my sciatic nerve problems, if they try it out but I do not need to jump the gun and job that it’ll work. I can, however, say that I do consider it is worth a look if you are of shooting back/leg pains, tired and need to in minimum, make them impeding on your own day-to-day life. For me personally, this novel gets for how powerful it was for me, an excellent mark.

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Sciatica SOS is a step-by-step guide on how to beat your sciatica pains once and for all.

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