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On March 9, 2016
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Rocket French Premium contains over 60 interactive audio lessons that you can download to your portable listening device, burn to CD, or play right there on your computer.


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Rocket French Details

You will likely end up looking in the more all-inclusive lessons at some point in the event you are truly seriously interested in learning French at home. And you are going to see lots of folks singing the praises of Rocket French, by Rocket Languages.

While it is been in existence for several years now, it is still a comparative infant compared with the likes of Pimsleur’s or Rosetta Stone French products.

This “infant” is giving the big youngsters a run for their money. PC Mag lately named Rocket French “Editor’s Choice”, surpassing Rosetta Stone to the very best place. But will it practically teach you French?

Well, let us take a look…

Interactional sound lessons:

Normally when I hear “interactive audio class” I believe “Amazing. They are going to educate me how to reserve another hotel room…” and I quickly fall asleep.

Most classes simply educate you worthless dialogs you have no expectation of employing in routine life. In addition , I believe that it’s a cheap method of avoiding doing any grammar. I despise learning grammar, but I understand if I wish to master French, that it is essential.

But I Have changed my tune a little with the interactive audio class of Rocket French. I have been learning a lot more useful things… like the best way to flirt! Who does not need to be able to flirt in French?

Rocket French Premium comprises over 60 interactive sound lessons that you play right there on your personal computer, burn to CD, or can download to your mobile listening device.

What surprises me most is I’m recalling and learning from these lessons. The lessons aren’t only boring repetition, also it does not advance so quickly that you forget it so slowly that you are driven insane, or all in a minute. Each lesson takes approximately 20 minutes, which is the ideal length for me to learn only a little French on my walk to work.

Without having to break open a text book I have been quite impressed at just how much I ‘ve learned through this sound class. I comprehend the words — am now able to listen to some of my favourite music that is French and — for the very first time!

The Language & Culture lessons

You can learn an awful lot of French simply using the Interactive Sound Lessons, but there is an excellent grammar and vocabulary lessons that accompanies the interactive audio lessons, should you actually want to take matters to another level. (They call it “Language and Culture”, but it is actually grammar and vocabulary — the meat and potatoes of any language lessons.)

This part is more like a real “classroom” French lessons. What I enjoy is the fact that the grammar is not practiced into you in brain-numbing way, but comes about slowly (like with the sound class) and is blended in with lots of dialog practice, vocabulary, puzzles and ethnic issues to keep matters interesting.

You work by means of this portion of the class online at your own speed, should you need to step away from the computer, but you can even print off the notes. This segment of the class has a whole lot of that wonderful, slow, clear sound too.

The grammar section of the class teaches you the building blocks of French with clear explanations and sound examples (and some quite memorable animations).

Evaluations and Games to augment your learning

Each lesson inside Rocket French comes with an impressive group of self- having the ability to locate the correct words when you are under pressure: Listening comprehension, speaking, interpreting, and testing tools, which work on all angles of fluency!

These tools present the content you have only learned in a way that is different, in order to be sure you actually understand it. They are great for building self-assurance, and I Have discovered my recall is not a lot worse after using them.

In addition, you get a number of lighthearted games that also help train your ear and build vocabulary.

  • Word-Master can help you enhance your listening comprehension and spelling.
  • Phrase Expert instructs you to comprehend verbal phrases (even when they are talked rather rapidly).
  • Mega Cards analyzes your knowledge of phrases and words in a flash card style game.
    These would be great for older children also.

What is amazing is that many of other publishers would likely try and sell these testing tools individually. (Some French lessons you will see are basically merely tools like this… and nothing else!) But at the moment these are all included when you purchase Rocket French.

Express comparison

Tell the facts. Do you talk your French out? Are you really scared that when you really need to talk… nobody will understand you?

Put aside, as you are going to start speaking to your computer and put on your own nerd glasses, chum. The voice comparison tool allows you to compare your pronunciation to the coach’s and also record your voice. It is a bit creepy in the beginning, but extremely powerful — particularly in case you are learning French with no buddy to practice with.

There is just a little example for you in the event you are interested, to play with around on the Rocket French site. (About half way down the webpage.)

Monitoring your progress

One of many things frequently lost from home study plans is that feeling which you’re really getting somewhere, reporting, and feedback. Rocket French has a number of appraisals assembled in to chart your improvement in case the nerd in you is itching to be top of the course.

Quizzes at the conclusion of every lesson to assess whether you have got it all.
A self-rating system at which you are able to notice how well you have mastered each expression in a lesson. This really is wonderful for noticing lessons you could improve on, in order to return to them afterwards.

Who’s it appropriate for?

I’d say that Rocket French is suited to complete beginners through to fairly advanced students of French. There is enough stuff here to keep you going for quite a long time. The class is also interesting enough to be appropriate for older kids… especially the games.

The things I really enjoy are…

  • It instantly gets you talking and comprehending actual, useable French. In case you are traveling to French-speaking destinations before you left and all you were able to get through was the interactive sound class, I believe you’d be prepared compared to the typical phrasebook-toting tourist.
  • It appeals to all. No matter whether you are a visual learner, or a person who learns better by listening, by concentration … they have got all bases covered.
  • Amusing real life scenarios. I have found myself laughing out loud numerous times while listening to the interactive sound lessons … “Be cautious not to mistake “boisson” (drink) with “poisson” (fish)… ” etc.
  • Play with lessons on your mp3 player, or burn them to CD to play in your own car. The lessons are long, which is long enough to get into it.
  • Friendly and participating — even when you are knees deep in conjugations. Nothing about Rocket French is boring. The foolish cartoons are excellent for a chuckle.
  • Listening comprehension and speaking practice — covered! All these are generally a weakness of home study classes, but voice comparison attribute and the games, evaluations in Rocket French undertake these places nicely.
  • Accessible online, so it works on both PC and Mac, and is tablet computer-friendly.
  • Exceptionally fairly priced. At that period of writing this, Rocket French Premium was clocking in at under a hundred dollars — and that is for what I consider to be an intermediate and beginners class rolled into one. With the other “big name” course you’d not even pick up a “level 1 French” course for this cost, and definitely not anything with as many attributes as Rocket French.
  • 60 day money-back guarantee: You can merely ask for a refund should you not believe it suits you or your learning style. There is no danger of being stuck with a dud here.


It is unavailable in stores — Just online through the Rocket Languages site. You may get a 20-cd physical copy of the whole class, but it is substantially more costly compared to the on-line version. (They do offer free shipping anywhere on the planet however, which is a good touch.)


In my opinion, Rocket French is undoubtedly the most in-depth, well thought out learn French course out there. It certainly will take you from beginner to moderately advanced without needing to buy additional products and caters for all learning styles.

With a solid concentrate on grammar, real world conversations and listening comprehension, you will develop spoken and written fluency in exactly the same time.

In my oppinion, this program would be the finest on the market at three times the price they are asking. Gold star for you, Rocket French!

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Rocket French Premium contains over 60 interactive audio lessons that you can download to your portable listening device, burn to CD, or play right there on your computer.

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