Quick Tips for Choosing A Type of Easel

A beginner looking for the perfect easel stand to work with? Don’t worry. Here you can find all about it so you can walk into the store with confidence and clearly know what you want.

Why Work With an Easel?

Not only that using an easel stand for your work makes it a lot more comfortable, an easel stand can also help you prevent dust and spillage from getting onto your work.

However, not all types of paints are suitable for using an easel stand. If you are working with non fluid paints, then you can consider one. But if not, it might not be suitable. However, there is still a type of easel that might just fit you. So read on.

Using an easel stand can boost your artistic side and it can make you even more motivated to work, aside from accommodating safe working posture and comfort as well as the ability to examine work with this helpful tool.

Factors to Consider While Choosing an Easel Stand

An easel is a very important and a long time investment in the career of an artist. You have to get it right, because it is not cheap and most importantly it needs to fit you the best so that you can get the utmost comfort while working with it.

An easel is considered as an essential tool especially if you are working with oil based paints and acrylic paints. Although, there are types of easels for pastel, watercolor, and other painting media. So, knowing best the type of medium that you use is critical in determining the type of easel that is best for you.

Other than the type of medium, you should also consider whether the easel will be used for painting or display because the easel used for painting and display are different.

Here is a list of easel stand types to know so that you can choose the right one for you:

1. Tripod Easel / A-Frame Easel / Lyre Easel

The terms can be used interchangeably. This type of easel looks like the letter A, thus the name. An A-frame easel is quite sturdy and it is very commonly used by beginners even to professionals. This type of easel is definitely adjustable however you like it and since it is quite lightweight, you can easily transfer it to the place you want. However, an A-frame easel can accommodate small to medium sized canvas.

2. H-Frame Easel

The H-frame easel stand is sturdier than the A-frame easel, so if you are a vigorous type of painter, then this one is a better fit for you. It looks like the letter H and it can hold the larger sized canvas. Since it is sturdy, H-frame easel stand is heavy and it is quite difficult to move or store. It is best for professionals with large working a space or a studio instead of ones who prefer to work in different places or ones who need to be able to fold and store away their easel stand.

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