Paid Social Media Jobs Review – Scam Or Legit?


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On March 10, 2016
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This is a legitimate business model, however, it is not as easy as it seem. You were promised an easy way to make money with Paid Social Media Jobs.


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Paid Social Media Jobs Details

Now I’m prepared to share my expertise alongside you.

Here is what they’re instructing you to do and my review on Paid Social Media Jobs:

  • You must make a “spectacular curriculum vitae” to bring folks to use you as a freelancer to take care of their social networking accounts
  • You must advertise your expertise if they need your service to companies which don’t even understand
  • You must convince your customers to trust you with their social networking accounts (i.e. the customer’s facebook, twitter, etc)
  • It’s mandatory that you compose a deal that is officially official by means of your customer
    You must learn the best way to handle your customer’s anticipation, once you’ve got a job
    Bill your customer’s on the service
  • Chase your customers for payments that are late

Do any of the job above seem simple to you personally? Yes! I ‘d likely say amount 7 and 8 are the simplest. As you are able to observe, you’d likely have to perform jobs (1) to (6) before you can continue to collect cash from you customer’s.

It is a valid business model, nevertheless, it is as difficult as it appear. You were guaranteed a quick method to earn money with Paid Social Media Jobs.

The huge issue is “HOW” do I do the above job manually. The classes in Paid Social Media Jobs is the ideal example of a “WHAT” and “WHY” type of course however don’t supply the “HOW” option. PSMJ just tells you the things you should do and you should do it, but it didn’t provide you with a solution to your troubles.

A spot at which it’s possible to sell your expertise and get occupations, the Paid Social Media Jobs market, is undoubtedly not pleasant for both the company as well as the freelancer like yourself. Again, I am going to discuss in detail below.

There are not any creativity as well as the quality of the classes are not unquestionable.

The Paid Social Media Jobs Courses

Module 1: Understanding Social Networking Customers

Essentially, this module includes a 26 minute video which gives you an introduction on the kinds of customers you are going to get and what exactly are the important problems of any social media customers.

Paid Social Media Jobs suppose that you’re competent to address to the subsequent social Networking customer’s concerns, after going by means of this Module:

  • NEED – All that’s not difficult for the customers
  • WANT – Spending money on social media should be WORTH IT
  • PANIC -Nevertheless, as a complete beginner who’s new to social media, I likely would have given up as I don’t comprehend what’s happening or should I supply any service to anyone convince the customers and will be quite worried at this point.

Module 2: How to be a Social Media Manager

This module shows you where you are able to join with clients seeking help with their social networking management needs, and what types of the latest social networking occupations are out there.

It instructs you to begin with Beginner Social Networking Occupations like setting up social networking profiles for customers, in the event that you are a complete beginner, this really is most likely the sole possible occupation you’ll be able to provide.

So my next question is, is any instruction provided by Paid Social Media Jobs to further knowledge on Social Media? No! It does not.

Module 3: Intro to Social Media Direction

To be honest, branding is a sensitive one for successful companies and also an extremely broad subject.

Paid Social Media Jobs can train you to be a specialist within the following hour, although individuals go through years of school to study the best way to handle brands and preserve a brand image.

There are almost no content about handling a brand for a customer, there are not any case studies, no guidance on what to do to develop a brand, no guidance on the best way to reply to an opinion that is negative.

All PSMJ do would be to let you know which you should know the best way to handle a brand. – What a ripoff!

This module include a couple of low quality content. Since I don’t believe it is worth saying, I shall not go in detail of the module. The contents created by Paid Social Media Jobs almost all are giving advices that are obscure on what you need to do and that is all.

Out of all training within PSMJ, I personally believe the most crucial instruction I should get is about Social Networking platforms (facebook, Pinterest, etc). I must learn the best way to earn money for my customers on these media platforms that are social.

BUT all I see is a whole lot of Private Label Rights (PLR) guides. This really is actually a bummer since I would believed that Paid Social Media Jobs should at least have excellent contents on teaching social media, it’s called Paid “Social Media” Occupations anyhow.

The Paid Social Media Jobs market – A location for you to get freelance jobs. Actually?

One major difference between the market of the others and Paid Social Media Jobs is the dearth of action. It’s not possible to locate any evaluations or opinions on the occupations from the companies in Paid Social Media Jobs.

Personally, I’ve employed freelancers from and, and the main variable I look at is the evaluation of the service as well as the remarks by other companies. I can certainly tell whether the service provider is appropriate to my needs by studying the evaluation and opinions.

With Paid Social Media Jobs market, I cannot find one occupation being rated or commented. I’m not even certain if any companies were engaging some of the occupations.

My Conclusion

While Paid Social Media Jobs isn’t a scam, it’s certainly not worth joining because of the truth that its contents are subpar as well as the market does not have any value to either the companies or the freelancers.

Why waste your time on this kind of low quality guide Paid Social Media Jobs when I ‘ve scooped up a real chance for you to be yourself. Yes! You heard me right, an internet business that reflects your own.

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This is a legitimate business model, however, it is not as easy as it seem. You were promised an easy way to make money with Paid Social Media Jobs.

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