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Omega Body Blueprint is a weight loss and fitness training eBook that uses a combination of hormonal optimization, intermittent fasting, and interval training techniques to “rip fat” from your body.


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The Omega Body Blueprint is a gifted-fat-burning weight reduction system made New York Times Best Selling Author John Romaniello and by Fitness Specialist.

Look, we understand these new-hoopla the best way to reduce weight plans are a dime a dozen…

But does John’s six-brief week healthful fitness system really work?

We got our responses lined up to provide you with a quality Omega Body review outline below and asked the same question.

What’s Omega Body Blueprint?

Is emblematic as being the closing letter of the 24-character alphabet that is Greek. And that is what he’s all excited around in assisting you to reach your most powerful, finest, final variant.

The plan is especially targeted towards those people who are reasonably close to their ideal weight, but only want a little additional help cutting away those last few stubborn pounds fat – like on difficult elements of your body such as the thighs, rear, and tummy.

The eBook may be downloaded immediately just for $27 and consists of seven different parts.

John maintains these strategies may be integrated into the life of anybody – even should they’ve frenzied family life, a busy job, or fight to find time to visit the fitness center.

Omega Body Blueprint makes lots of the exact same guarantees as other work out plans. Learn by reading below just how it lives up to those assurances.

How Can the Omega Body Blueprint Work?

As stated earlier, the Omega Body Blueprint summarizes hormones, nutritional issues three essential issues with most weight loss and bodybuilding routines, and inferior-quality work outs.

Issue #1) Work Out Confusion

John maintains a lot of folks believe they are in better condition than they really are. Why? Since they squander their time in the gym doing low quality work outs. John particularly emphasizes two issues: low frequency training and conventional cardio routines.

— The Alternative: John swears something called Omega MRT as the alternative to poor-quality work outs. It includes doing fast paced weight training circuits. Four unique work outs are recorded whether you are striving to burn off fat, build muscle, or reach a combination of both.

Issue #2) Nutrients Lies

John assaults three different myths about bodybuilding nutrition.

John asserts that numerous folks lose focus on their targets due to the fact that they spend an excessive amount of time preparing and eating 6 meals per day when they might be spending that time being productive.

— Myth 2 – You should not eat carbs after 6pm because they will be stored by your body as body fat. John mentions a study where individuals really lost weight and reduced their waistline when eating carbs during the nighttime.

— Myth 3 – You have to eat healthful, all-natural, non-processed foods to slim down. John maintains because too many individuals find it almost impossible to blow off the foods they love, this myth may be harmful. John says the most effective diet is made up of mixture of foods and healthful foods you truly like to eat. When you starve yourself on strict diets essential hormones like leptin get blocked.

— The Alternative: John says Omega Nutrition is the alternative. Omega Nutrition calls for occasional fasting, where you are enabled to eat as frequently as you need and when you want.

Issue #3) Dysfunctional Hormones

Many people are doing the right things all to make an effort to slim down, but their attempts are being undermined by their hormones.

Four hormone issues are pinpointed by John in particular that play a vital role in weight reduction. Those hormone issues comprise:

Testosterone guides in muscle synthesis, which means higher testosterone may cause much more muscle development and lower body fat. Low testosterone makes it harder to reduce fat and create energy, among other issues.

— Reduced Growth Hormone: You are more injury prone and have more trouble recovering from workouts when you do not have the appropriate amounts of growth hormone in your body.

Leptin is usually called a “master hormone” because it is linked to all other hormones within the body. New research show that individuals with higher leptin levels can lose fat readily. It is because your body’s fat burning is controlled by leptin.

— The Alternative: Omega Hormone Optimization is the alternative to your hormone issues. With Omega Hormone Optimization, you strategically unite specific exercise routines with foods that are specific to kickstart your hormones in all of the appropriate ways. John describes this as a “one two punch for your endocrine system.”

Omega Body Blueprint will describe just the way to repair the above problems all over the course of seven parts. Those seven elements comprise:

This is actually the initial section of the Omega Body Blueprint plan.

#1: The Omega Body Blueprint Work Out Log Sheets

This part is pretty basic: it is only empty log sheets that allow you to monitor your physical education improvement with time. See your private bests and get motivation to carry on your training.

You are not going to reach your dream body without strict dieting, and that means understanding exactly what you are putting into your body daily. Make use of the calculator to find out when you need to eat it, and what you need to eat, how you need to eat it.

#2: The Omega Body Blueprint Nutrients Guide

The Nutrition Manual goes hand in hand with all the Nutrition Calculator. It gives a bit more insight into the reasons behind distinct options in the calculator. Instead of simply recording some of superfoods and expecting you to spend $500 at the supermarket each week, the Nutrition Manual describes a varied array of foods you need to be eating realize your dream body and to fuel your fitness routines.

#3: The Omega Body Blueprint Nutritional Supplement Guide

Not certain which ones you need to blow off and which nutritional supplements you need to purchase? This part instructs you which nutritional supplements supply the most effective return in your investment when it comes to body results that are actual.

#4: The Omega Body Blueprint Fast Start List

This really is just another fundamental element that is made up of listing of things you will must gather before beginning the Omega Body Blueprint.

Not certain the best way to do special work outs? Need to perfect your kind in the health club? Omega Body Blueprint comes with a huge video database of John performing work outs that are distinct. Then these workout videos could be a lifesaver if you are a visual learner. Some reviewers have promised it is like getting your own private learning the house.

How to Purchase Omega Body Blueprint

Omega Body Blueprint is just accessible from the eBook’s official web site, which is

At that website, the eBook costs $27. It’s possible for you to pay through Clickbank using PayPal, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or VISA.

You also automatically get 60-day return policy, because you are buying through Clickbank. That refund is accessible with no questions asked – so it is an effective means to understand you are obtaining a risk free purchase.

Who Should Purchase the Omega Body Blueprint?

Engineering the Alpha, in John Romaniello’s 2013 guide, he described the best way to eventually become an alpha male using diet, fitness, and work out techniques. Subsequently Omega Body Blueprint guarantees that will help you do this, should you would like to take your own body from Alpha guide all of the method to the conclusion of the Greek alphabet, to Omega.

The eBook comes with 7 elements that guarantee that will help you kick off the past bits of stubborn fat on your own body. Then this is not the exercise book for you, if you are morbidly overweight and wanting to get all the way down to a usual weight range.

But when you’re wish to be in the very best condition of your own life and in relatively good condition, then Omega Body Blueprint may be worth a download. It is also designed for both women and men. And hey, in the event you do not enjoy the lessons covered in the guide, then you can readily receive a 100% complete refund.

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Omega Body Blueprint is a weight loss and fitness training eBook that uses a combination of hormonal optimization, intermittent fasting, and interval training techniques to “rip fat” from your body.

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