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Learn About Wax Seal and the Basics to Sealing

In the distant past, the use of a wax seal is more formal and important than how it is today. It used to be needed for correspondence purposes, where a wax seal secures the envelope of a letter before it gets sent out to the recipient. A wax seal ensures that the letter will remain safe in the envelope and at the same time states who the sender of the letter is and makes sure that it is authentic for the logo or mark stamped onto the wax that is unique and limited to a person, family, profession, or organization only.

As physical letters are no longer popular now, the uses of a wax seal as a letter seal has lessened by a lot. Instead, it found purpose as a form of art instead, for hobby and decorations mostly. Even with the current technology that has advanced, the fun of creating wax seal can not be replaced. Its unique quality is special, and it gives off a vintage yet sophisticated feeling to the item that is sealed with it.

Although, don’t be mistaken. Wax sealing for physical letters is still sometimes done. Large companies usually still send out physical letters to their clients and business relations, and some of them choose to give an extra touch by using wax seal for their letters. This could be a regular thing, or this could be for special occasions.

More often, a wax seal is now commonly found as wedding stationery decoration, such as on the gift or the wedding invitation, as well as certain packaging or other items.

How to do Wax Sealing?

There are first several basic necessities that you need to check. You of course need a wax, a heat source, a tool for melting the wax and pouring them onto the paper or any item you want, and a stamp.

Now, most of these items can be found in a craft store. However, for a stamp, you will need to order it on your own unless you find a pre-made one. Still, it is more recommended to make one of your own because it will look more unique and personalized.

Wax sealing begins with melting the wax and pouring it onto the designated surface. Try to make it as close to a circular shape as much as possible. Then, simply use the stamp to press down on it and wait until it’s completely cooled down. When it’s cool enough, it will fully harden and you can finally lift your stamp. With that, you’ve got your very own wax seal.

The next step is quite optional, but you can always push your creativity forward and try to decorate it with more things, such as glitters. Some decorations need to be put before the stamping process, though. For example like dried flowers. It is placed after the wax is poured, and then it is stamped with the wax. Some people choose to add glitters before the wax is poured, usually when they are using clear wax so that the glitter will be on the bottom part of the translucent seal. The point is, you just have to experiment with it, and most importantly, have fun with the process.

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