Increase Your Business Credibility Using Letterhead

Letterhead is important to communicate with customers. A lot of businesses have done letterhead printing so that they have their custom letterhead for their correspondence. Letterhead printing may seem simple and even trivial, however, a lot of thought must be put into creating one. Before you invest in making your own letterhead, you must know what purpose your letterhead wants to fulfill. Letterhead has a subtle benefit of branding but most importantly, it builds credibility for your brand and company. The design of your letterhead must be able to give the impression that your business and the message you are saying are credible. By doing so, it can generate trust and even increase sales.

Read below to find out how you can design a letterhead that helps increase your business credibility.

1. Include your tagline

Brand loyalty is heavily influenced by shared values. It is important to let your customers, prospects, and business partners know what you stand for. This should be reflected in your tagline and it is best advised to have it included in the design of your letterhead. A good tagline can create an emotional response and affects the reader in a good way if done right.

2. Choose strong fonts

Font of your choice must be strong and can reflect your brand as well as the message it’s trying to convey. However, strong font choice does not necessarily mean that it must be in bold. Lightweight fonts can be an option as well if it leaves a strong impression that goes along with the image you are trying to build. Remember not to overdo it and keep font variation to two types of fonts at most to avoid making it confusing.

3. Choose brand colors

The important elements of your letterhead such as headers, footers, headlines, sidebar, and others should be printed in the color of your brand like the one found on Kiasuprint website. By using the right color that represents your brand, it can really increase brand recognition. If you can boost your brand recognition, you will be seen as more credible.

4. Bordering

Although letterhead usually refers to the topmost part of your letter, you can enhance the overall look of your letter by making a border. A border must blend with your branding. Consider the design to create the look you desire and most suitable for your target correspondence audience. Avoid going overboard and make sure that all the elements in your letter still have space between each other to avoid getting it looking too cluttered to read.

5. Make the design consistent across all materials

Be cohesive in your design and match it on all of your business stationery such as business cards, brochure, folders, and especially envelopes. The envelope is what completes a letter; you can’t mail one without an envelope. Envelope printing with a uniform design will increase credibility and boost brand impact.  The envelope will also benefit you in making your letter stand out, help people recognize your letter easier, and even affect their decision to open your mail.

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