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On March 6, 2016
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Get Paid Taking Pictures is a program that shows you how to make money by uploading your own photos to different sites on the internet.



Get Paid 4 Pics has been online since early 2014. The owner is not known, although on the promotion it’s said the owner is Michael Davis, this really is only a pen name used by the writer.

The background to the application is a narrative, about Michael Davis, who was employed by Wallmart. A client requested him to shoot a picture. This customer told Michael sites paid him to upload any old photographs of everyday scenes, his pictures. He gave the address of one of the sites to Michael and of course Michael uploaded some of his own photographs and made tons of cash, $3647 in a week!

So Michael showing us how we also can make a great living and is paying it forward. Seems great! Can it actually be that simple? We’ll see in my review.

What’s Get Paid 4 Pics?

It is an application which shows you the best way to earn money by uploading your own pictures to various websites online.

The reasoning supporting the software is that with the growing demand for pictures online, from people that are trying to find pictures for their sites or sites, moreorless every image of quality has a specific value. This application shows you by selling your pictures to the folks seeking through the stock photo websites and the best way to make the most of the case.

Who’s this for?

This software is directed at people who have little or no expertise in photography, but who wish to earn a small amount of extra cash online selling their pictures. For this they are going to have to cover the listing of suggestions and sites supplied via this application.

For a person who’s effective at hunting online, this info are available free of charge. It must likewise be taken into account that bringing in money online, from selling photographs or some other system, is as difficult as this application indicates.

What is contained?

In the guide you’re shown the best way to earn money from your pictures. The info is really simple, here are a few of the issues which are addressed:

  • Why folks will pay for your images
  • The gear do you want
  • The best way to shoot images that can make money.
  • The subjects of your pictures
  • Upload your images to the photo sites
  • A couple mobile programs are mentioned. There are a couple of graphic programs which are important and likewise some shopping uses like Swagbucks that don’t have anything to do with with making money from photographs.

Here the contents is extremely self explanatory, yet a number of the suggestions for taking better graphics are extremely fundamental, for instance, clean the camera lens when shooting a picture or stand still. That said, a number of the suggestions might help someone just beginning to shoot pictures, but in the event you’ve got any expertise with photography you do not need to read this.

The list of 111 matters to picture might give a few thoughts that might be helpful to you.

This really is actually what this software is about, a list of websites where you are able to upload your pictures. In reality you’re given a listing of only six websites you might locate for yourself. Actually, I simply checked on Google and I found at least 15 websites to sell pictures. This was only on the very first page! For me this list is virtually useless.

Along with these three measures, you’re given three bonuses.

  • Secret Pictures List – a listing of a number of the very lucrative pictures sold online as well as the amount of cash they’ve made for the individual who uploaded the picture. This really is pure hype to get you believe it might be possible to reach gains in this way.
  • Outsourcing or Hiring Other People To Do The Job For You – there’s a link to download an eBook on outsourcing which will describe outsourcing in detail. This info is readily located online and when you would like someone to do some work for you, attempt SEOClerks Fiverr or other similar websites.
  • Smartphone Programs – here you locate the exact same mobile programs which were contained in the guide. After installed on your own mobile, you can upload your pictures right or they’re going to reveal to you what folks are trying to find in your place. Other money making uses are additionally contained -you can get paid to shop, take surveys or alternative benefit websites. I do not advocate any of these money making ideas and after all, I came to this website to bring in cash from photographs.

Pros and Cons


  • Some suggestions may be helpful to someone beginning to shoot pictures
  • No expertise as a photographer wanted
  • 60 day money-back guarantee
  • Potential to make some cash selling pictures


  • Making money selling pictures is made to seem simple
  • No actual training
  • You’re told you can begin shooting pictures with your mobile, this will not give you the quality photographs needed
  • Much more and same advice, available for free on-line
  • Hoopla in promotionel video
  • Review videos do not seem real
  • Give the belief you are going to earn money fast
  • Force strategies – reduction for today
  • After joining you’re urged to join another plan, nothing related to photography. Millionaire Mentor, this software, looks like a scam.
  • E-mails from other scammy plans being promoted by Michael Davis and giving other info that is bogus as below

Software and Training

There’s some quite small training that’s simply helpful for beginners to photography as we’ve seen. You’re given a couple suggestions that are simple for shooting some notions of subject matter, pictures and a number of websites you’ll be able to upload your pictures to. That is about the content of the application.


Get Paid 4 Pics has a knowledge base with only eight questions, but you’ll be able to submit an e-mail in case you want more help.

How much does this cost?

The cost of Get Paid 4 Pics is $77 with downsells to $27 and then $19. As I’ve said in previous reviews downsells like these are frequently an indicator a application might be a scam or has almost no worth. In this instance the plan has almost no worth and you’ll be able to locate the exact same info for yourself for free.

There were no upsells, a plan that Michael Davis is using to make $2000 per day, only a recommendation to join My Millionaire Mentor. Anything you do, do not join this plan, you’ll lose your cash and his affiliate commission will be made by Michael Davis.


I do not advocate this plan, although I do not believe Get Paid 4 Pics is a scam, it’s possible to make money selling stock photos. The info contained in the application is quite essential and could be located online. Making cash from pictures isn’t as difficult as they make out and also, a plan that encourages others scams, as does Get Paid Taking Pictures, does not deserve confidence or our support.

If you’re interested in selling your pictures online there are some websites dedicated to describing the procedure, for example:, a website created by two photographers who sell stock photos. You can even locate tutorials like the stock photo websites have some guides or this one on wikihow. There are lots of comprehensive and free resources, you have to hunt a little.

Do not pay for the tips offered with Get Paid 4 Pics there are free options that will provide guidance that is great, without making it seem simple and additionally without the hoopla.


Get Paid Taking Pictures is a program that shows you how to make money by uploading your own photos to different sites on the internet.

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