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On March 25, 2016
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Many testimonials show incredible results in the change of physique, but also illustrate how Eat Stop Eat has changed the relationship they have with food for the better.


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The diet industry has always been changeable and it’s also always been ‘faddy’. In the past, it primarily stuck to the principles of basically eating less, working out more and thus losing unwanted weight. And yet, with this knowledge people were just getting fatter. With obesity being classed now as both illness and epidemic, 69% of Americans are overweight. This may be anything from being a few lbs over their ideal weight to the horrifying images of people up to 3 times the size they would naturally be.

Losing weight has always been something of a holy grail: we wanted to achieve it easily. We were led to believe that we needed to be obsessed with nutrition in order to achieve it. We needed to entirely overhaul our normal lives and become gym slaves. We were not told about this simple hack that basically tricks your metabolism into losing weight. Until Brad Pilon released Eat Stop Eat.

Why is Eat Stop Eat popular?

To streamline an answer to this question, Eat Stop Eat is popular for three main reasons. One is quite simply because it works. It’s a diet plan that has successfully helped thousands of people around the world to shift unwanted pounds and keep them off. Secondly, it is the type of diet that whilst incorporating periods of fasting, also encourages you to eat what you want. Ultimately, when we are no longer denied or prohibited from having certain foods, we are more likely to see the plan though. And finally, Brad has put years of hardcore research into creating this program. With a BSc in nutrition and a history as a fitness expert and manufacturer of diet products; Brad Pilon is a knowledgeable and dedicated author who has used years of trial and error experimentation and has read through hundreds of research papers to produce this guidance.

Why Is It controversial?

With obesity being a rising problem, of course, the diet industry is huge and worth billions of dollars in annual profits. This ranges from the purchase of over the counter (OTC) diet pills to weight loss coaches, centers and books weight loss books. The research contained within Eat Stop Eat basically sent shockwaves through the diet industry of the past, and contributed to the reformations we see these days. Ultimately, no scientific critic could deny the logical scientific evidence presented within Pilon’s book, but many tried to challenge its principles. Doctors, physicians and researchers have begun to accept that losing weight can be accomplished using this controversial diet plan. Additionally, diets with a fast success rate are essential to reducing excess weight almost immediately for clinically obese people.

Being a highly effective, simple weight loss plan, this program is one that dieters are more likely to stick to. These diets that have longevity are the key to successful weight loss, and the industry has not only accepted this but now promotes it. That said, as the name suggests, Eat Stop Eat does include a fasting period, which remains controversial for an industry consumed by experts who claim you should never go hungry. Like I said, though. This plan works. Look at the hundreds of testimonials on Pilon’s site; many of them written by doctors.

Prevention is better than a cure

“You are What you Eat” has become a popularized mantra in today’s society and more and more evidence is linking an array of diseases to obesity. It’s a pretty simple concept when you think about it. What I found particularly helpful about Eat Stop Eat is Pilon’s approach to addressing that prevention is better than a cure. Although Pilon’s principles laid out within the eBook are primarily conceived of as a way to lose weight; the “side effects” of this weight loss will also be a healthier, happier system all round. Additionally, adapting the principles of the program to your lifestyle could not only prevent future weight gain but also maintain current weight.

What are the principles?

Brad’s thorough and specific research demonstrates the necessity for allowing the body to enter its ‘fasted state’ and balancing this finely with its ‘fed state’. Having researched and referenced many studies throughout the book, he has discovered a method for being able to eat what you want for some of the time, and spending specific periods of time fasting. The key elements of Eat Stop Eat are as the title suggests to create a balance between these two. Pilon introduces a specific type of fasting which is a tool for effective weight loss, but also can be considered a fairly simple lifestyle adjustment that can help you lose weight and improve your health without spending thousands of dollars on pills, powders and potions or opting for invasive surgery.

Ostensibly, the principles combine feeding and fasting to produce chemical reactions within the body which effectively trick your metabolism. This tricking ultimately means the metabolism speeds up and your body becomes more efficient at burning fat. Brad goes into great detail about the way muscles and the liver store glycerol and what effect this has on the fat burning process. Overall, Pilon is presenting a new way of looking at diet which he knows to be safe. Much of the content is concerned with offering you a safe and effective method of dieting.

Another guiding principle within the book is its honesty. Having previously been involved in the profit making sector of the diet industry, Brad focuses enlightening people on the way they have been conditioned to view food and the book sets about challenging this. Many testimonials show incredible results in the change of physique, but also illustrate how Eat Stop Eat has changed the relationship they have with food for the better.

What’s Included In The Package?

In addition to learning a highly effective way of retraining your body’s dietary habits, the associated benefits will improve overall health: giving you more vitality and healthier looking skin, eyes and hair. Also, Brad offers a 3 day trial period, wherein you ‘try’ the product for 3 days. This means you can read everything within it and if you are not convinced by the science, you can cancel and incur no extra charges.

To begin the journey to a healthier, more balanced life, check it out today!

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Many testimonials show incredible results in the change of physique, but also illustrate how Eat Stop Eat has changed the relationship they have with food for the better.

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