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On April 2, 2016
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The DIY Home Energy System is a step-by-step course that teaches people how to lower their energy bills and become more energy independent.


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What’s the DIY Home Energy System?

The DIY Home Energy System is a step by step lessons that teaches individuals the best way to lower their electricity bills and become more energy independent and self sufficient by generating their very own power at home with professional quality solar panels together with professional quality, residential wind turbines (they’re also including several other resources/tools/bonuses right now …but I Will get to that later).

A number of of the main advantages of utilizing their system are:

  • It’s possible for you to make and use their solar panels (and wind turbines) for a tiny fraction of the price of what it’d cost you to get a similar retail System (more about this later in the review).
  • Their class is step by step and quite simple to follow so it can be used by anybody.
  • It’s possible for you to reduce your electricity bills and become more energy independent (you can really start experiencing energy savings literally 1-2 hours after you begin using their System).
  • It’s possible for you to control your own separate power source (at residence) without needing to be reliant on a large energy business or our nation’s aging power grid.
  • You will become more self reliant and self sufficient.
  • You’ll be ready for any kind of future electricity disaster
  • And it is possible to be shielded against future power speed rises because in the event you create your own (free) power at house; an electricity rate increase will not impact you (because your electricity is still free)!

Use rather than purchasing a retail system, their lessons:

When I first got the DIY Home Energy System I priced out how much it’d cost me to purchase a retail solar panel system and then have it installed by a “professional”. Then I used the “Solar, Wind, & Battery Bank sizing calculator” contained with the DIY Home Energy System and plugged inside my desirable energy output signal and found that it’d cost me about 1/11th of the price to use the DIY Home Energy System instead of purchasing a similar system from a retailer. And after using and constructing my DIY Home Energy System I’ve found that these computation are right.

With their System, I can confidently say you will have a professional quality solar panel system up and running for a tiny fraction of the price of what those same solar panels (and wind turbines) would have cost you if you bought them from a solar panel retailer.

Who can use the DIY Home Energy System? Might it be difficult to do?

This system actually is for everyone who would like to reduce their electricity bills or become more energy independent. Everything they show you the best way to do is super easy, cheap, and rapid to do. I am fairly certain that even my young daughter (who understands nothing about solar power or building) could follow their plan and construct her very own house (free) energy system.

How is the quality of their solar panels?

The DIY Home Energy solar panels are 100% professional quality. The truth is, I’d say my solar panel system is higher quality and certainly will last more than most of those affordable “retail” solar panels sold now. Should you look into what really makes up those overpriced “retail” solar panels; it is pretty much all inexpensive parts from China. But the DIY Home Energy System’s solar panels are wholly composed of new mark-A parts (and yet, the DIY Home Energy’s solar panels are 11x less pricey than those “retail” ones).

Do you know the Disadvantages?

I believe some folks believe they can simply snap their fingers, wave a magic wand in the air and they are done! But in reality there’s only a little work you will need to do. Not considerably and it is time consuming, expensive, or definitely not difficult. Nevertheless, you’ll need to spend just a little time really going through their lessons and seeing their videos.

They actually do not leave any guess work. You simply see the step by step videos, use their step by step guides (with the videos) and you will have the ability to get a DIY Home Energy System ready to go in almost no time.

….But I did not say NO time because creating your first solar panel will take about an hour or two. And if you want to scale your System up and generate more electricity, you just repeat and follow their scaling upward directions until you get the energy output signal you would like.

One more matter is, as you’ll most likely already understand a number of this info if you’re quite experienced with solar panels you might not have to see some of their introduction videos.

In these intro videos so everybody is comfortable moving on to another measure, they actually go into great depth to ensure everyone actually understands all the fundamental theories. Nevertheless, in the event you do not know the first thing about solar panels right or do not know much (like me before I began using their System) then you’ll adore all of this step by step advice because it’ll reply all of the question you have and it makes it really simple to comprehend and follow.


I bought the DIY Home Energy System when it was $99.97 (but now they have it on sale for a 1-time payment of only $47) …but I still consider the cost I paid an unbelievable deal. I readily made up my investment the 1st month with my energy savings …and my savings grow monthly. If I could do it all over again I ‘d re-purchase their System in a second (particularly for the deal they are running right now).

The DIY Home Energy System has enabled me and my family become much more energy independent and to reduce our energy bills significantly.

Their guide is quite easy follow because it’s step by step videos and guides for every measure of the construction procedure. And I can actually say that in the event that you learn the best way to make use of a screwdriver to tighten a screw; you could use their system to make free electricity at your house (because that is about the most challenging thing you must do to follow their System).

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The DIY Home Energy System is a step-by-step course that teaches people how to lower their energy bills and become more energy independent.

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