Diabetes 60 System Review – Scam Or Legit?


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On March 2, 2016
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Diabetes 60 System is a system that doesn’t quite promise to cure your type 2 diabetes. It does, however, promise to reverse “100% of your diabetes symptoms”.



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The Diabetes 60 System guarantees to educate you a 60 second trick to treat your type 2 diabetes. Here’s our Diabetes 60 System review.

What’s Diabetes 60 System?

Diabetes 60 System is a method that does not quite guarantee to treat your type 2 diabetes. It does, however, assure to reverse “100% of your diabetes symptoms”. Additionally, it guarantees to let you “eat your favourite foods” and never need to check on your blood again.

Diabetes 60 System also hypes up its system tremendously by saying “This is the largest diabetes breakthrough in the previous 100 years”.

You can reverse diabetes symptoms at any given age by following the lessons clarified in the Diabetes 60 System eBook.

All of this probably seems too good to be accurate. So just how does Diabetes 60 System really work?

How Does Diabetes 60 System Work?

Diabetes 60 System asserts to help you to “reverse” your type 2 diabetes (it never actually says the word “remedy”, but that is precisely what it guarantees) regardless of your state:

  • “No matter if you are 60, 80 or over 100”
  • “No matter your weight”
  • “No matter the degree of your diabetes”
  • “Even in case your physician has said your state is hopeless”

How does Diabetes 60 System live up to these assurances?

The system relies on something called HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training.

HIIT is a well-known fitness technique that essentially calls for working out at maximum strength for fast blasts of time – like 20 to 40 seconds – followed by a period of rest.

A number of research show that 10 minutes of HIIT is far better than, say, 60 minutes of slower-paced cardio. For instance, sprinting on and off for 10 minutes can be far better than simply jogging at a medium pace for 60 minutes.

The studies demonstrate that HIIT is not worse for VO2 max results and cardio performance. Nevertheless, some research also have proven that your insulin sensitivity is improved by HIIT.

One study in the School of Life Sciences at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, for instance, found that insulin sensitivity raised by 28%.

The particular training program summarized in Diabetes 60 System requires working out for 60 seconds every day in bursts of motion that is quick. At its most fundamental level, this plan needs you to get up and go for only 60 seconds each day. To make the plan more efficient, nevertheless, you will need to do multiple daily work outs.

Clinical Trial for Diabetes 60 System

The originators of Diabetes 60 System assert they then set it through a clinical trial and spent developing their system. Seemingly, that clinical trial was so popular that “we had a queue of enthusiastic and excited trial patients outside our office and extending round the corner prepared to put it to the test.”

That looks strange that folks would be excited for a random clinical trial that they’d line up for hours, or that a clinical trial would need individuals to line up outside an office – but hey, it makes for a great storyline.

Regardless, the originator of Diabetes 60 System maintains the trial resulted in these results:

  • Blood sugar readings fell in 50 days from 242 to 144
  • Speeds of hypertension “dropped dramatically”
  • The typical patient lost 13 pounds in 2 months, while the maximum weight loss was 27 pounds
  • Some instances of neuropathy “were essentially wiped out”
  • Quality of eyesight “drastically enhanced”
  • Energy levels “went through the roof”

That seems great. Sadly, the originator of Diabetes 60 System never mentions where that clinical trial happened. It also did not seem to be a double blind, placebo-controlled trial, as that is not mentioned anywhere.

We had like to find a bit more evidence before we definitively say that Diabetes 60 System works. We do not even understand how many folks were involved in the trial.

How exactly to Purchase Diabetes 60 System

Diabetes 60 System is available only online at Diabetes60System.com. That website accepts all major payment methods, including all popular charge cards and PayPal.

Diabetes 60 System is priced at $39.

Your purchase comes with Diabetes 60 System Recipe group, which promises to include hundreds of diabetic-friendly recipes you’ll be able to cook using low-cost, simple-to-buy fixings.

There is also a Diabetes 60 System Health Tracker that comes in the kind of guides that is downloadable. You install the guide in your personal computer and input your weight, blood glucose readings, and blood pressure readings.

All products are delivered instantaneously to your inbox – there is no physical merchandise contained with this order.

Payments are processed through Clickbank. Like all Clickbank purchases, Diabetes 60 System can be returned by you anytime within 60 days for an entire refund.

Who Created Diabetes 60 System?

Diabetes 60 System was made by a man who claims to have been a practicing physician for 12 years. He maintains that he is found a disturbing and quick rise in the amount of men, women, and kids being diagnosed with diabetes. That physician made a decision to take a stand after observing families suffer with this disorder.

That physician never mentions anything, or much advice about where he practices.

Generally, when a physician creates the “largest diabetes breakthrough in the previous 100 years” (as asserted on the official website), then you’d need to attach your info to it, right?

All we know more about the originator of Diabetes 60 System is that he is named Dr. Ryan Shelton. There’s a man named Dr. Ryan Shelton based in Charlotte, NC, although that physician does not mention any info about Diabetes 60 System on his Twitter page, practice page, or anyplace else on-line. He is additionally an internal medicine specialist free of reference of diabetes at his official web site.

For all these reasons, it seems that Diabetes 60 System was created by somebody who’s claiming to be Dr. Ryan Shelton, MD, but in reality, has no link to that physician.

There is also just one listed means to get hold of the firm that created Diabetes 60 System. It’s possible for you to e-mail support@diabetes60system.com.


Diabetes 60 System is a system that doesn’t quite promise to cure your type 2 diabetes. It does, however, promise to reverse “100% of your diabetes symptoms”.

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