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On April 13, 2016
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One of the more recent music production software for PC’s to hit the beat making scene is the BTV SOLO by 2 x Grammy Award winning music producer Dallas Austin.


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Among the more recent music creation applications for PC’s to reach the beat making arena is the BTV SOLO by 2 x Grammy Award winning music producer Dallas Austin, who has worked with a number of tremendous name artists including Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Will.I.Am, Lady Gaga and Madonna.

They are ’ted by the accolades sound amazing? Well, it actually means nothing if BTV SOLO doesn’t let you create music that is amazing. Luckily, Dallas has executed the same professionally engineered sounds and technology he uses, in his applications, and knows a thing or two about making hit records.

I’ve in my review, I’ll be going through all of the great and not too great points of BTV SOLO and had the chance to attempt a demo of BTV SOLO, and the way that it compares with other competitive music creation softwares.


You may be thinking that the layout of BTV SOLO seems recognizable. That’s because basically, it’s a software version of their Beat Thang Hardware, along with a more straightforward variant of BKE Tech’s Beat Thang Virtual software.

To put it BTV SOLO can do most of what the higher priced Beat Thang Virtual and has less sounds, and Hardware may do, but does’t come with a sampler nor VSTi. So without further ado, let’s get to the nitty gritty.

Ease Of Use

If you’ve seen or ever used interfaces of other music creation program, you’ll instantly understand that the BTV SOLO is exceptional. It’s laid out like an MPC (music creation control) machine, which lets you instantly get different drums and sounds for a quick and adaptable workflow.

Where all your sounds and drum kits are recorded, which may be assigned to the key pads at the base primary place on the left hand side is. Only above, are 16 stations, each symbolizing an alternative sequence.

The screen display shows everything that you’re now playing, in a way that is easy to comprehend. To the right of the it are a couple of sound effects, when a certain sound is picked, with more choices present on the display.

That’s actually it. It’s possible for you to get used to it in just a couple of hours because it’s not so complex. You can actually generate a beat in an hour or so by simply using an external MIDI control, or your computer keyboard and mouse.

Outside MIDI Control Alternative

I definitely adore the truth that you’ll be able to use an external MIDI control like a drum pad or a computer keyboard. What this means is you could play with tunes and drum designs straight from your MIDI device, also it’ll correspond in BTV SOLO’s interface in real time.

This makes is simpler and a lot more practical to generate a beat, as opposed to using your computer keyboard. It’s not possible to find this attribute in alternative or on-line beat machines music creation softwares that are more low-priced because they’re just not sophisticated to manage such technology.


In other low-priced music creation softwares (especially on-line ones), you’re mostly restricted on effects and mastering tools, and consequently, you get a beat that sounds quite amateurish.

There are there are only three major elements that makes a superb mastering the track and instrumental – Your originality, usage of excellent sounds. BTV SOLO includes characteristics that makes this possible.

Drum & sounds Kits

Primarily, it can help to have already engineered drums and sounds. Second, they must seem appealing. Both are offered by this software.

Seems really high quality, the one’s I ‘ve tested out, although I ‘ve’t been through the thousands of sounds and hundreds of drum kits which are contained.

It’s the type of sounds you’d hear in number one hit records. This should’t because all these are the same sounds used by Dallas Austin, superb producer and creator of BTV SOLO come as a surprise.

In addition, you have the choice to import your own sounds into the workstation and use them, or you’ll be able to develop your own sounds entirely from scratch. Sound expansion packs are available for added prices.


  • For Beginners: The layout, navigation, functionality and versatility are specially made for beginner music producers.
  • TickPre- Drum Kits & Loaded Sound: There are around thousands of engineered sounds and drum kits contained to get your creative juices flowing.
  • tickImport Your Own Sounds: You can import .wav or .aiff 16-24 bit sound files and add it to your audio library. This really is perfect for sampling.
  • TickSample & Chop: You can import film audio clip or a song that you enjoy, and chop it up and fix its sound to fit your track.
  • Of Effects: There are really so many onboard effects to create some amazing and bizarre sounds, which you’ll be able to play about with.
  • tickCustom Sound & Kit Builder: You can make your own drum kits and sounds in order you have your own significant trademark sound that’s readily identifiable.
  • TickMIDI Controller Connection: You can link an external MIDI control apparatus like a MIDI keyboard, in order that it’s more easy to play tunes.
  • TickTwo Permits: You may take advantage of this software on two of your PC’s, or give a buddy a copy if you.
  • TickLifetime Upgrades: you’ll get all those upgrades, and There are huge plans to boost the capacities of BTV SOLO.
  • tickAffordable: Really, quite pretty affordable cost which is it’s perfect for novices.


  • No VSTi Plugin Choice: Now, there’s no choice to install VSTi’s (virtual studio technology) on this, or use this as a VSTi to use with other audio workstations, though it’s in the strategies for future upgrades.


  • It’s a fantastic music creation applications that duplicates BTV Pro applications and the BKE Hardware.
  • Easy enough for novices, but strong enough for experienced music producers.
  • You can go from rookie status with the supplied high quality training videos to skilled producer.
  • I consider the BTV SOLO to be the top beat making applications for complete beginners just because it’s not so difficult to understand. Allowed, it’s that’s because it’s not designed to be, although not as complete as superior DAW’s such as FL Studio, Cubase and Pro Tools.

The purpose is the fact that it’s a great stage for newcomers to improve on, as well as to start on. I’m blown away by the beats that I’ve heard by using only BTV SOLO others create. I strongly recommend that you view it in action for yourself.

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One of the more recent music production software for PC’s to hit the beat making scene is the BTV SOLO by 2 x Grammy Award winning music producer Dallas Austin.

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