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Avoid These Popular Mistakes in Flyer Designing

Flyer printing sounds like a simple thing. However, sometimes it is not that easy especially in terms of design. If you don’t put enough thoughts and effort into your design, no matter how good the quality of your paper and ink is, you won’t be able to get the best flyer as the result. Brochures printing in Singapore indeed doesn’t require intricate process, but there are things you have to know about designing flyers and mistakes to avoid in order to create the best flyer you can possibly come up with.

First, know the main design rules in creating flyers.

As you design your flyer, make sure to make a contrast between the dark and light areas. Place light background with dark texts or vice versa. This way, you will make sure that the content of your flyer is easy to be seen and read by your target audience. In designing your flyer, you must also keep in mind not to make it crowded. Make sure that every element on the flyer has enough space. Utilize the variety of font and font styles accordingly, for example, bold for the highlight in your text such as headline, and make the font bigger to catch the attention of everyone who reads it. If you put graphics on your flyer, make sure that it’s in a high resolution. Low resolution image will result in a low quality graphic and lessen the aesthetic of your flyer.

The popular mistakes that are often made in creating flyers that you must avoid are as follows:

1. Avoid making your flyer crowded by inserting too many text or images.

They surely can increase the appeal of your flyer’s visual, but it shouldn’t be overdone.

2. Avoid using difficult words or phrases.

If your customers cannot understand you well, then you won’t be able to effectively convey your message to them.

3. Avoid using low quality images

Low quality images don’t look appealing. If anything, it will only decrease the impression and quality of your flyer. People will deem it of less importance and have your flyer thrown away instead of getting enticed by the content.

4. Avoid using full uppercase

Full uppercase in your flyer’s texts make the sentences of your message sounds loud and yelling in the reader’s head. Often, this is unnecessary. Uppercase should only be used for emphasizing certain information that is important for the readers of your flyer, so you shouldn’t have the whole text in capitalized letters.

Several other tips that you should keep in mind is to make sure that you proofread by the end of your flyer designing. Proofreading ensures the spelling of your texts and keeps you from making grammatical errors or other mistakes in design and others. You may try to get feedback from other people. They might spot the mistakes you don’t and give you their opinion regarding your design. By letting others tell you about what they think of your flyer, you can find what you lack and improve the appearance of your work.

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