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It's Trivia. It's Social. It's

About this Project

It's Trivia. It's Social. It's

Do you have fond memories of playing Trivial Pursuit with your family and friends? Those are the memories that we seek to recreate—feelings of competition and togetherness—with the launch of our mobile-focused, social trivia game, We're part of a small startup called MobileFWD with a big vision to create social games that are fun and challenging to play.

The trivia market is massive… and largely untapped. Each month, 1.65 million Google searches are performed on the keyword “trivia,” yet the competition for trivia-based keywords is surprisingly low. Add on the fact that those websites holding the top-ranked search result positions are plagued with poor, outdated content and uninspired game play, though they receive over 3 million monthly visitors, and you’ll see that the board is begging for a revamped version of the game.

Mobile tells the same story. There are no compelling trivia games for the iPhone, iPad, or Android markets. None of them use a heightened layer of applied game mechanics or sharing to inspire individual and/or social competition, let alone entertainment.

And, it’s not easy to do. Creating a “Words With Friends” world-class game is extremely difficult. But, we’re confident that we’ve put together the right team of experts in applications, experience, game theory, mechanics and question-writing to do it. Our team has built applications and content for a number of well-known Fortune 500 companies and actually ran a trivia website for the past few years. And, it’s our individual experiences building great products that we believe provides us with an enormous advantage as we work together here at MobileFWD on changing the way trivia is played.

MobileFWD was created in January of 2012, to excel at exactly these types of tasks: providing mobile games that are socially entertaining and educating. Trivia can be more than simply challenging and entertaining… yes, it can be brand-focused and educational, too, which is an interesting thought when you consider that we’re located in Northwest Arkansas, close to many of the world’s largest corporations and the University of Arkansas.

Your funds will allow us to hire another developer that we’ve identified, which will help bring to the market sooner, with more features and versions for such platforms as Android and iPad.

Our goal is to release the first iPhone version of in early May of 2012, we’d love your assistance to help make our dream a reality and will be sure to include you on our launch outreach list if you choose to fund our project!

About The Team

Joey Nelson - Founder/Creative

Before founding MobileFWD, Joey was the Sr. Creative Director of Mobile & Emerging Platforms at Rockfish Interactive, a WPP company. For 5+ years he lead the creative execution of mobile projects for clients such as Sam’s Club, The Travel Channel, Walmart, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Arvest Bank, Bicycle Playing Cards, Nutro, Pepsi Innovations Group and EA Sports. He has successfully co-launched several web companies such as TidyTweet and Couponfactory, and is a co-owner and lead designer for Boardertown Skate Shop & Park, Arkansas’ premier indoor skate park.

Matt Hudson - Founder/Technology

Before founding MobileFWD, Matt was the owner of Lynergy, Inc. (a Microsoft BizSpark startup) which specialized in enterprise level web applications and mobile apps. He built iPhone, iPad apps and web apps that made businesses more efficient: tools that could be used on a daily basis for work. He specialized in mobile apps that integrated with a small business’ process to empower its employees. His specialities include: Objective C, C#, ASP.NET, Silverlight, VB.NET, Native iPhone Apps, Mobile Websites and Web Application Development.

John James - Founder/Trivia Guru

John is a family practice physician who gave up medicine to pursue his love of entrepreneurship. John paid for medical school with his first ecommerce company, a quiz bowl question business he founded in 1995. He is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold multiple businesses centered around search engine marketing. Previous ventures included a keyword arbitrage business, a multichannel niche retailer, and a hyperlocal online media company. John is currently the CEO of Acumen Brands.

Joey Nelson



Matt Hudson



John James


Trivia Master/Content Developer


Some questions with the team

What is your definition of success for this application?
250,000 users in the first year. A game that's fun to play.
To date, what has been the biggest challenge bringing this app to market?
Development resources
What's your (the team) favorite device?
What time of day do you do your best work?
In the morning and late at night.
Where do you (the team) do most of your work? (i.e. virtually, in an office)
We have a small office off Dickson St.

Project Team:

Brilliant Team. Huge Market. Secret Sauce.

Joey Nelson Matt Hudson John James



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The funding period for this project has ended
OS iOS , Android
Target Age Groups 22 to 34 , 21 and Under , 45 to 54 , 35 to 44 , 55 to 64
Revenue Model In-app purchases , Freemium , Ad-Supported
Current App Stage Beta Released (not in app store)
Estimated Launch Date 1 Jul

15 Contributors

$2,010.00 Of $2,000.00 funded

This project must reach its goal by
August 8th or it will not be funded

The funding period for this project has ended

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