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Choose an adventure already!

About this Project

TBD is an interactive video app that's half-game, half-entertainment. Users tap their way through a video and make a series of choices about where the story should go. Yes VS No, One More Drink VS Please Go Home, Break Up VS Get Hitched, you get the idea.

After navigating through the narrative, you've pieced together and created a video that is totally unique to you. You can then re-watch it as a full story, monitor your progress through the total "tree" of all possible choices, and share the stories with your friends. Totally interactive and totally social.

Every story you make is an identifier. You chose Love, your friend chose War. You chose Kitten your sister chose Pitbull. Sharing the different choices and videos is a way to tell your own story. Your story is TBD. 

This platform is a way to make watching a video less lonely, less of a solo expedition. We all love watching movies and TV, but most of all, we all love talking about them and comparing notes. That's what TBD is all about, but on steroids. It's hyper-personalized. It's a way to say "This is what MY story would look like because I am smart/weird/manly/nervous/geeky. What about YOU?" It's the ultimate Director's Cut.

It's all yours, really, and the platform itself can only get bigger from here. The content can become user-generated, the choices can become wackier and cooler, with your help. TBD can be a whole labyrinth of choices and a game of whats-your-story.

The contributions will allow us to make overall updates to the app, focusing on improving sharing capabilities, i.e. posting the videos to Facebook and tagging one's choices on Twitter. We will furthermore use the funds for PR, press and marketing to spread the word about TBD and encourage more content creators to provide material for the platform

Way down the line we'd like to make a kids' version of the app, since storytelling and story-making is what kids-on-iPads should be all about, we think.

No matter what, videos will never be more social, more personal, or more fun.

About The Team

I, Katherine, met Chris through a friend in my book club. So, I knew he was from good geek stock. He took my vision for interactive, fun storytelling and story-making and made the back-end nuts and bolts possible.

Chris' cat and whiskey collection have become the unofficial mascots of the project.

I'm a proud Quaker, Penn class of 2008. I majored in Archaeology, which was SUPER helpful when I decided to launch an app company. I lived in Greece for a while digging up ruins and on a good day fancy myself Indiana Jane. I'm also a full-blooded WASP from Annapolis with a penchant for sailing, and to that end, I'm also the founder of Which I'm equally pumped about most days, especially in the summer. My professional, (i.e. "work"), background is in entertainment, where I've worked for New Line Cinema, DreamWorks, AMC and most recently, CBS, where I dreams up brilliant ideas for sitcoms and cop shows. So, for me, making and sharing videos was the fun part I got to do with my friends.

Like a lot of you probably, I read and was delighted by choose-your-own-adventure books as a kid, and so this idea felt It was a lot of asking myself, "How has no one done this before?"

Katherine Myers



Chris Shanley


Captain Code

Sasha  Silver


Content Developer


We are looking for


We're on the lookout for a new, wonderful developer who knows his or her way around the back end of video. Our founder, Katherine the Great, is looking for a true tech co-founder who loves this idea and loves coding. Holler!


Read more

I want to help

Writers and Directors and Producers

We want to make more stories! If you love making funny videos for the web, we want them. You get total creative control and you'll be in the iTunes store. We're always looking for more content.


Or if you're interested in writing, directing or producing a TBD ...

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I want to help

Some questions with the team

What is the longest hack-a-thon you've ever done?
Chris once made a flash ad for Oreo involving dancing cookies. That counts, right? You could also say that inventing The Cruisey was hacking into the WASP slash frat underbelly by combining a beer koozie + sunglass croakie into one genius device.
What time of day do you do your best work?
Night. We still have day-jobs, for now. Plus, we're not in Mad Men, it's more acceptable to crack some beers after dark.
What problem most needs solving in the mobile space?
Making things that exist on bigger screens more fun to do on smaller screens. I love going to the movies and feeling the crowd watching it with me. It's impossible to re-create that feeling, but I'd like to make watching something less lonely.
What is the most underrated technology in the mobile space?
Podcast synching. That sounds lame but the Sticher app has changed my life 100%. I'm a dweeb for podcasts and now never ever have to sync my phone to my computer anymore. For me, it made mobile 100% mobile.
What language(s) are you coding in?
C++, HTML5

Project Team:

Funny Screens

Katherine Myers Chris Shanley Sasha  Silver


New York

On the web:

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The funding period for this project has ended
Target Age Groups 21 and Under , 22 to 34
Revenue Model Paid (one time)
Current App Stage In App Store
Estimated Launch Date 1 Aug

31 Contributors

$1,555.00 Of $1,500.00 funded

This project must reach its goal by
August 9th or it will not be funded

The funding period for this project has ended

Contribute $10 or more...

Remember when I mentioned that whole thing that I also founded? Well, I have Cruisey's to spare. Consider yourself on board, sailor. One Cruisey coming your way, free shipping.

Estimated delivery: May 31st

91 of 100 still available.

Contribute $25 or more...

Video Sneak Peak
You get to see the stories before anyone else. We'll show you the videos as soon as they're off the cutting room floor. Maybe even while they're still on it. Tell us what you think, before the peanut galley (read: internet) chimes in. VIP access to our video blog.

Estimated delivery: May 31st

39 of 52 still available.

Contribute $100 or more...

Story Consulting
My professional background is in story development, for both TV and film. I've worked for DreamWorks, CBS, Mandalay, Sundance Channel, AMC, New Line Cinema, and others. I will read your script, hear your pitch, read your outline, hear your story idea, and help get it to a truly professional level. I'll give notes, do some rewrites, edit and advise until its ready for the next step. If it's really fantastic, I'll even see what I can do about getting it in front of some Hollywood eyes.

Estimated delivery: May 31st

8 of 10 still available.

Contribute $200 or more...

Supporting Actor / Actress
Acting chops? We will write you into our next video. We'll even give you a line, or better yet, an action scene. If you're not interested in screen time yourself, we'll absolutely put anyone else you'd like into this role. You'll get full credit and a photo on our site. Let's put IMDb to shame.

Estimated delivery: May 31st

5 of 6 still available.

Contribute $300 or more...

Brand the Adventure
DIY product placement here. We'll be filming more stories shortly, so if you'd like to put a beloved item, either your business product or just a personal item, into one of the videos, now is your chance. Thousands -if not hundreds - of tastemakers will be watching, so get that item in front of eyeballs. If your "brand" is using one of these videos to propose to your girlfriend, or tell your mom how much you love her, we could swing that too.

Estimated delivery: May 31st

5 of 5 still available.

Contribute $1,000 or more...

Head Honcho
You can write, star in, direct and produce the next TBD video. Now that's an adventure. Guaranteed platform and distribution.

Estimated delivery: May 31st

4 of 4 still available.


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