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Social Celebrity Trivia Gone Mobile

About this Project

Help us bring StickyHead to your iPhone!

Financially, we are a bit, well... stuck (pun intended) and we need your assistance! We’ve emptied our pockets in order to bring this fun, social game to the mobile world. We are really close and with some additional funding, we will bring this cheeky game to your iPhone! 
We'll also be releasing the Beta version of the game very soon and we are actively looking for beta testers. So if you want to be one of the first StickyHead players, click on the button "Become a Beta Tester" on the top right of this page our visit our website. Finally, help us spread the word by sharing StickyHead with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!
We're determined to unstick our StickyHead problems, and we know that with your help we can do it! 
StickyHead, the ultimate celebrity guessing game where you literally stick the celeb on your head – is making its way onto your mobile device (for free!). We keep the silliness (slap a virtual sticky note on a photo of your friend’s face!) but let you play on the go… AND, there's a twist: you can chose from our list of celebs OR pick a mutual Facebook friend as the "celebrity" your opponent must guess.
StickyHead screens
Log in with Facebook, snap a photo of yourself (or use one from existing albums) and invite a Facebook friend to do the same.
Then place a virtual sticky note on each other's foreheads with the name of someone famous -- or even a mutual Facebook friend! ("Batman" vs. your Facebook stalker, who will prevail?!)
You'll ask "Yes" or "No" questions to try and guess the name on your sticky, as will your opponent.
You can use your StickyHead coins to unlock our spiffy clues (plus some other sticky tricks).
Whoever guesses correctly first, wins!
The winner earns coins for use in future games. The quicker you guess, the more coins you win.
Our love! $0
If you can't financially help us, we totally understand. But there are other ways to share your love about StickyHead. Simply follow us (above) or become a Beta Tester and share StickyHead with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!
Set of 5 Stickers! $10
StickyHead stickers
The StickyHead post-it pad $20
The StickyHead t-shirt! $40
The Limited Edition Sticky-T! $60
The Sticky iPhone case ! $75
Your name in the "StickyHead Celebrities" category! $100
Your picture in the second screen of the game! $500


About The Team

Pierrick, Co-Founder and CEO
Pierrick has been a dedicated entrepreneur since the tender age of 12, when he raised enough money to buy a ping pong table for himself and his friends. He’s launched several businesses, including a successful boutique agency called ABLE, which focuses on innovative digital marketing. There he has built a talented team of creatives (some of whom are working with him on StickyHead). He’s an avid technology enthusiast and is very excited by the opportunities he sees in the mobile sphere. His hobbies include photography, travel, and playing StickyHead.
Albert, Co-Founder and CTO
Albert is a developer with experience in scripting web applications using Ruby on Rails, building multi-platform applications using Adobe AIR, and designing front-end interfaces using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. He has worked as a freelance web developer for various companies across different industries. He has an aptitude for forming innovative ideas and is willing to take risks to turn them into profitable businesses.
Jessie, Content/Creative Director
Jessie loves writing, communicating, and playing games, so StickyHead is her dream project. She’s done everything under the moon, from acting to reporting to blogging, and she is thrilled to help put StickyHead into words and onto your screen. She works best after standing on her head for a while in a yoga headstand.
Nick, Marketing Director
Nick is a college athlete, an action sports competitor, and a music & media enthusiast. He has worked with all types of brands/industries including games, sports, food, wine, and fashion. At StickyHead, he creates and manages ad campaigns, negotiates partnerships, and fine-tunes all marketing initiatives.
Pierrick Bouquet


Co-Founder and CEO

Jessie Bronfman


Content/Creative Director

Nick Andlinger


Marketing Director

Albert Villaroman




Some questions with the team

What problem most needs solving in the mobile space?
Targeted and relevant advertising
What is your favorite app and why?
Instagram - Great UI/UX and amazing photo sharing experience
Who do you expect the target users to be?
Mobile games, fans of social games such as Draw Something, SongPop, etc.
Where do you (the team) do most of your work? (i.e. virtually, in an office)
At the NYU Incubator in Dumbo!

Project Team:

A fun and creative team!

Pierrick Bouquet Jessie Bronfman Nick Andlinger Albert Villaroman


New York

On the web:

Fb-icon-transparent Tw-icon-transparent Webpage-icon-transparent


Games, Entertainment, Education

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The funding period for this project has ended
Target Age Groups 21 and Under , 22 to 34 , 35 to 44 , 45 to 54
Revenue Model Freemium , In-app purchases , Ad-Supported
Current App Stage In Development
Estimated Launch Date 15 Dec

18 Contributors

$2,025.00 Of $2,000.00 funded

This project must reach its goal by
December 12th or it will not be funded

The funding period for this project has ended

Contribute $5 or more...

A $5 donation will get you 1,000 StickyCoins (our game currency) so you can purchase unique clues and reveal letters!

Estimated delivery: November 15th

97 of 100 still available.

Contribute $10 or more...

Set of Stickers!
$10 will get you a set of stickers – or as we like to call them, StickyHead’ers!

Estimated delivery: November 30th

97 of 100 still available.

Contribute $20 or more...

5 awesome post-it pads with our logo on it
$20 will get you five StickyHead post-it pads with our logo on it. Don't leave home without them!

100 of 100 still available.

Contribute $25 or more...

Participate in StickyHead’s creation
$25 will get you the $10 prize, along with an awesome opportunity to participate in StickyHead’s creation: you can send the celebrities you’d like to see in the game; if your suggestions are used, your name will go in the credits!

Estimated delivery: November 15th

98 of 100 still available.

Contribute $40 or more...

The StickyHead t-shirt!
$40 will grant you our StickyHead t-shirt with our cute logo on it!

Estimated delivery: November 30th

96 of 100 still available.

Contribute $60 or more...

The Limited Edition Sticky-T!
$60 will grant you a limited edition T-shirt with one of 3 fun StickyHead questions.

Estimated delivery: November 30th

24 of 25 still available.

Contribute $75 or more...

A snazzy StickyHead iPhone case
For $75 you will get a limited edition snazzy iPhone case. Decorate your phone in StickyHead style!

Estimated delivery: November 30th

25 of 25 still available.

Contribute $100 or more...

Your name in the game!
A $100 puts your name in the game! For a week you’ll be featured in our list of celebrities under the “StickyHead Celebrity” category; your support makes you a celebrity to us! This is a fun spotlight to share with your friends -- you can even stick yourself on their heads!

Estimated delivery: November 30th

22 of 25 still available.

Contribute $250 or more...

An invitation to our NYC launch party!
For a pledge of $250, you will get an invitation to our exclusive, swanky NYC launch party!

Estimated delivery: November 30th

25 of 25 still available.

Contribute $500 or more...

Your picture in the game!
What is a $500 donation worth? Our love, of course, AND your picture in the second screen of the game -- for a limited time, your face will be the instructional diagram, showing players how to snap a photo to begin their game. (See photos below)

Estimated delivery: November 30th

25 of 25 still available.


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