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Social search made easy, fun, and fast.

About this Project

Have you ever traveled to a new city and became overwhelmed by all of the unknowns? ie. Where can I find a good Italian restaurant? What is there to do tonight? In your hometown, you can always ask a family member or friend. However, in a new city, you usually do not know anyone. So who do you ask? You ask a Sooligan.

Sooligan digitalizes word-of-mouth. We make it easier, quicker, and fun for you to find and share information about any city in the world with newcomers and locals.

We offer users a real-time reflection of a city’s sentiments and local environment. Our vision for Sooligan is to allow people to move or travel to any city, and without knowing a single person there, find everything they need to know about that city instantly through conversations with the people who know the city best---the locals.


Social networks like Twitter and Facebook makes it easier to connect with people, but largely disconnects us from our local community. We don’t have conversations anymore. We have broadcasts of our lives.


Sooligan uses several tools that generate conversation between locals and newcomers, and others who are seeking information about a city. We have a localized Question and Answer feature, which allows users to post questions that are routed directly to others in a city. We have a live Rants and Raves feed, which gives users an opportunity to share what they like or don’t like about something in that city, whether it’s related to school, work, local business, or social life. By doing this, it helps others make decisions about what they want to do in that city.  Sooligan makes social search fun and easy.


The Sooligan team recently relocated their headquarters from Berkeley, CA to Fayetteville, AR to participate in The Ark Challenge. The Ark is a startup tech accelerator sponsored by Winrock International, Gravity Ventures, Fund for Arkansas' Future, and a grant provided by the Federal government. The purpose of The Ark is to build and keep innovative companies and talent in Arkansas to create new jobs. Currently, a fair share of the jobs in Arkansas is minimum-wage or low-skilled, forcing a lot of talented and skilled graduates and professionals to relocate to cities outside of the state with established reputations of being tech metropolitans. The Ark seeks to boost innovative startups with potential to scale quickly and contribute to the growing tech industry in the region.

Sooligan is just as committed to this vision. As we build our company, we are interested in hiring from the local universities here in Arkansas, giving talented computer science graduates an opportunity to train and work for us. When they tell the story of how Arkansas' tech sector grew exponentially in the next few years, which they will tell because it definitely is, we hope Sooligan is a part of that story. 


Your contribution will allow us to immediately reach our short term goals, which are:

  1. Refine our mobile app with updated features, great designs, and great technology, -and-
  2. Launch and market our product where there is a current need for it, and where it has the highest potential to spread the fastest---20 Universities in cities with thriving social scenes. This will allow us to scale effectively, generate a large amount of data, and maximize benefits for each user. 

We want to launch our mobile apps (both Android and iOs) in early November 2012. We invite you to join our efforts and help us carry out our vision. In all of us is a Sooligan.

About The Team

Natasia Malaihollo, The Idea Queen

Natasia is the co-founder and co-CEO of Sooligan, Inc. She graduated from UC Berkeley in three years with a B. A. in Legal Studies. While at Cal, she served as the Logistics Chairman of the UC Berkeley Leadership Symposium, an annual leadership conference attended by hundreds of Northern California student and campus leaders. Natasia further served as the Vice President of the Berkeley Indonesian Student Association, where she bridged a gap between the Indonesian international students and the Cal community. Natasia switched majors from Biochemistry to Legal Studies after volunteering at the National Center for Youth Law (NCYL) and seeing the positive impact of the legal process on foster children. During her last year at Cal, she interned for Hillary Clinton while Clinton was a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. After Berkeley, Natasia worked as a Legal Secretary and Office Manager in a Business and IP law firm, which is where she learned the art of patent writing and drafted the patent application for Sooligan. Natasia invented the Sooligan system on June 1, 2011, based on a dream she had about a completely touch screen web experience that connects people outside of their typical networks. Natasia plans to specialize in corporate and business law at Georgetown University Law Center. She loves to read, write, eat Indonesian food, and her HelloKitty doll ‘Pebbles.’



Nikka Umil, The Strategy Master

Nikka is the co-founder and co-CEO of Sooligan, Inc. She graduated from UC Berkeley in 2012 with a major in Politics and Economics, and a background in Business, jumping into the startup route soon after graduation. She was an active member of the University and the surrounding community, being the founder and chairwoman of the first University-wide philanthropic organization responsible for raising $300million in scholarships and aid. Aside from a well-rounded coursework, she has backgrounds in the corporate arena, through her work-experience in management positions, a non-profit startup, and at a national organization’s corporate department. She received extra training in leadership and entrepreneurship as a SAGE Scholar through the HAAS School of Business. She recently traveled to South America to study and conduct research on the Brazilian culture and economy. Nikka is instrumental in adding the revenue-generator to Sooligan. She conceived the idea of the Sooligan Business pages, a complimentary system for businesses to utilize the Sooligan technology. Her goal is to obtain a dual J.D./MBA degree and ultimately run her own business. She loves to cook, read, write, travel, play chess competitively, and do all things spontaneous.

Stephanus Malaihollo, The Tech Genius

Stephanus developed a fascination for electronics and computing systems early on in life. At age 5, he wasn't interested in playing with the actual toy, but taking it apart and examining how the inside of it worked. A childhood interest turned into a hobby of building computers. He built his first computer at age 14, saving birthday money and allowance to buy parts. Shortly thereafter, Stephanus began studying operating systems. He received his degree in Information Technology-Networking Securities and is currently a Technical Analyst.

Natasia Malaihollo



Nikka Umil



Stephanus  Malaihollo


Tech Specialist


Some questions with the team

What is the longest hack-a-thon you've ever done?
We've been trying to hack since we first started working on Sooligan. Unfortunately, a legal and business background doesn't help us get far with hacking. :)
What's next for mobile technology?
Real-time social search and location-based systems. People are looking for more personalized and purposeful online interactions.
To date, what has been the biggest challenge bringing this app to market?
Differentiating Sooligan from its competitors in a market that is already saturated.
What's your (the team) favorite device?
What is the most underrated technology in the mobile space?
Near-field communications. We don't think a lot of people realize the potential of NFC in the retail and mobile space.

Project Team:

The Dream Team: Hipster. Hustler. Hacker

Natasia Malaihollo Nikka Umil Stephanus  Malaihollo



On the web:

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The funding period for this project has ended
OS iOS , Android , Web
Target Age Groups 21 and Under , 22 to 34 , 35 to 44
Revenue Model Ad-Supported , Free
Current App Stage In Development
Estimated Launch Date 8 Nov

28 Contributors

$2,631.00 Of $2,500.00 funded

This project must reach its goal by
November 24th or it will not be funded

The funding period for this project has ended

Contribute $10 or more...

Baby Sooligan
Receive a cool "I AM A SOOLIGAN" sticker for having information to share with your city.

Estimated delivery: October 26th

242 of 250 still available.

Contribute $40 or more...

You know where all of the cool spots around town are, so why not tell the city you do? Receive a "I AM A SOOLIGAN" T-shirt to look cool while helping newcomers. + the above

Estimated delivery: October 26th

94 of 100 still available.

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Sooligan Trendsetter
Since you are a go-to Sooligan in your local community, it is only right you get an early release of our mobile application as well as bi-monthly updates on our progress, accomplishments, and plans. + all of the above

Estimated delivery: October 26th

18 of 25 still available.

Contribute $250 or more...

Sooligan Jetsetter
The Jetsetter is always on the move, so we'll give you a personalized shout-out on all of our social platforms since we can't catch up in person (Twitter, Facebook, and the SooliBlog). +all of the above

Estimated delivery: October 26th

8 of 10 still available.

Contribute $500 or more...

The Influential Sooligan
Since we love helping people find things to do in a city, for $500 you get one personalized trip guide for any city you plan on visiting. Just give us the dates, and we’ll create a list of all the restaurants and events people are RAVING about in that city, as well as a couple of spots people are RANTING about so you know what to avoid during your trip. You will also receive a free 30-day ad space on our My City Life module to advertise an event or business (restrictions apply) and a signed personal Thank You card. + all of the above

Estimated delivery: October 26th

4 of 5 still available.

Contribute $1,000 or more...

Top Sooligan
A top Sooligan understands our mission and believes in our vision. Therefore, we would love to meet you! You get to meet the founders after our The Ark Demo Day, preview our Sooligan Business pages (our next step of innovation!), and an invitation to our launch party. + all of the above

Estimated delivery: November 9th

3 of 3 still available.


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