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Sickness forecasting & connecting

About this Project


We are the Doppler radar of sickness

Have you ever wondered if that horrible feeling in your stomach was indigestion, or a week-wrecking virus going around? If you have kids, did you ever want a quick way to see if chicken pox or pink eye was going around? Sickweather is the world's first real-time sickness tracking and forecasting service.

Just as Doppler radar scans the skies for indicators of bad weather, Sickweather scans social networks for indicators of illness, allowing users to check for the chance of sickness as easily as they can check for the chance of rain. With more people turning to outlets like Facebook and Twitter to update their friends and followers when they get sick, there is an immense amount of real-time data available on the health of our population. Sickweather's patent pending algorithm filters and qualifies this data and cross references them with location tags to produce real-time "weather maps" of reported symptoms. This information is then used to forecast the movement of contagious illness and other sickness.

We are in the middle of developing an iPhone and Android app that will put this free service in the palms of your hands. We want to add mobile functionality like notification alerts for when new illnesses pop up in your area, as well as animated Sickweather maps and forecasts, so you can easily see if a stomach bug is coming your way.

About The Team


It happens to the best of us-- in fact, it happens to ALL of us.

Just like you, we want perspective on when sickness bubbles up, where it travels and how it affects our lives. We are based in Baltimore, MD where we all grew up together going to school, playing in bands and sharing germs. Our team is made up of regular folks who get sick and who care for their families when they get sick.

We also happen to be a group of experienced web/software developers and entrepreneurs.

Graham Dodge


Co-Founder & CEO

James Sajor


Co-Founder & COO

Michael  Belt


Co-Founder & CTO

Emily Leffler Schulman


Director of Front End Development

Nick  Pimentel


Art Director


We are looking for

X-Code Developer

We're looking to expand our core team.  If 6 or more of the following terms are somewhere on your resume, please contact us!  Objective-C, iOS, iPhone, iPad , Android Development, HTML5, Cocoa, PhoneGap, JQuery and PHP / ...

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I want to help

Some questions with the team

Why are you developing this app?
Because we can't wait to use it!
What's next for mobile technology?
Jet packs
Who do you expect the target users to be?
People who shop at Target... OF COURSE.
What is the best new invention as of late?
Is this a trick question? Let's just say it rhymes with Hick Feather.
What is the most underrated technology in the mobile space?
iPhone 5

Project Team:

We believe 'sick' doesn't have to be a four letter word.

Graham Dodge James Sajor Michael  Belt Emily Leffler Schulman Nick  Pimentel



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The funding period for this project has ended
OS iOS , Web
Target Age Groups 22 to 34 , 35 to 44
Revenue Model Ad-Supported , Freemium
Current App Stage In Development
Estimated Launch Date 15 Nov

4 Contributors

$660.00 Of $3,000.00 funded

This project must reach its goal by
November 23rd or it will not be funded

The funding period for this project has ended

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The Caddyshack
You'll get nothing and like it!

Estimated delivery: October 3rd

3000 of 3000 still available.

Contribute $10 or more...

You get a handsome Sickweather pen and a convenient Sickweather pillbox. But that's not all! The pen is also convenient AND the pillbox is also handsome!

Estimated delivery: November 14th

199 of 200 still available.

Contribute $30 or more...

Sickweather T-Shirt
You literally won't be able to find these shirts anywhere else, because we've trademarked the Sickweather logo and if anyone else tries to sell a Sickweather T-Shirt we'll sue them. Not convinced? Did someone say cotton? We're talking crew neck, we're talking style. That's not enough for you? Then we'll include a pen and pillbox!

Estimated delivery: November 14th

100 of 100 still available.

Contribute $50 or more...

Beta Advertiser
Do you have something that you'd like to see advertised on our website or mobile app? Are you a reasonable person who won't try to advertise something creepy or morally objectionable to our audience? Great! Let's do business! This contribution level will get you 5,000 impressions for your ad.

Estimated delivery: November 16th

19 of 20 still available.

Contribute $100 or more...

Easter Eggs
We'll design a custom avatar or map marker for you or your business and place it at a specified lat/lon in our map, or we can also place it randomly for you to spend endless hours trying to find. Impress your friends! Have fun with it! This avatar can serve as a map marker for a location that you want to lay claim to, or just to surprise and confuse people who stumble across it. We'll keep it in there for a month or so. Visibility at various zoom levels is subject to our approval.

Estimated delivery: December 14th

29 of 30 still available.


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