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ICON: Arena


Street Fighter meets Mario Tennis.

About this Project

We are Smilu, Inc., and we play a lot of games.  But we don't play games to build cities or post high scores. We play to win.  League of Legends.  Halo.  Street Fighter.  Even the classic Puzzle Fighter.  We
are all about beating the crap out of each other until one winner is left standing.  We all live and work together, so we do this every night in our game room.  And that is where we see the problem.


Why can't we compete like this everywhere?


After all, we all carry a gaming device in our pockets at all times. But once again, we don't want to build cities or escape temples.  No, we want to win and then rub it in each other's faces.  And that's why we created ICON: Arena.


ICON: Arena is a live head-to-head futuresport that provides the same level of competition as our favorite esports, but puts it on your mobile device.  Choose from an array of champions to compete in lightning fast
matches that put your skill, agression, and strategy to the ultimate test.  We've developed it for synchronous gampelay across IOS, Windows, and Android.   That means you can play anyone.  Anywhere.  We are also
publishing this awesome experience ourselves on our own platform, so we can take data from our customers to make this game even better over time.


It's been a long journey filled with late nights, leftover Chinese food, and lots of iterations.  We are so close to making our dream a reality.  Now, we just need a little bit of help to wrap this thing up and get it out to the market.  We are excited to present this to the Appstori community because we believe that this is the most effective way to get our game out to the people most likely to love it. Currently, we are looking to raise $5,000 that will all go to platform support for this live competitive experience.


Do you have what it takes to be an ICON?  Then help us let you prove it!



About The Team


Smilu is led by CEO and co-founder Scott Lee, a project management and recruitment specialist most recently with Riot Games.  Its team consists of 32 total employees, both part and full time, distributed across the Untied States.  The full-time team consists of the following members:
Jefferson Liou ­ Data Architect; former head of finance and licensing at New Regency Productions
Drew Moxon ­ Experience Designer; former Producer for Microsoft Game Studios (Gear of War 3) and Riot Games (League of Legends)
Chris Wood - Art Director; Formerly on Halo 2, Guild Wars, City of Heroes.
Eddie Park ­ VP of Technology; Independent game developer (Battalion) and former Lead Engineer for General Atomics
Dustin Keller ­ Platform Architect; former Platform architect at ESPN
Joey Totaro- Senior Engineer; Former Senior Engineer servicing IBM
Sam Bushman ­ Senior Network Engineer; former network engineer at Yost Engineering,
The Smilu team has been operating since October of 2011.  All living in the same house in West Los Angeles, they work on no salary late into the night to dramatically disrupt the video game industry.  Their diet is not the healthiest, but hey, they do what they love.
Scott Lee


Sandwich Maker

Eddie Park


Technical Janitor

Jefferson Liou


Corporate Naysayer

Drew Moxon


Pop Star


We are looking for

Community Growers

We are looking for Community Managers passionate about esports, mobile gaming, and spreading the awesome.


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I want to help

Technical Artist

We just need a kick ass animator/FX Artist who loves games.  All other requirements are secondary.


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I want to help

Some questions with the team

What's next for mobile technology?
Proliferation of fun.
What is the most underrated technology in the mobile space?
Parse - so easy to implement, so easy to throw away.
How did the team meet each other?
We have worked together, we have gotten drunk together, we have competed together. Now we just do it under the same roof.
What is your definition of success for this application?
When people start complaining on the forums about our game updates, we will know we made it.
Where do you (the team) do most of your work? (i.e. virtually, in an office)
We all live and work together in the dark and gloomy city of Los Angeles.

Project Team:

Relentlessly Passionate, Stupidly Competitive

Scott Lee Eddie Park Jefferson Liou Drew Moxon



On the web:

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Games, Entertainment

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The funding period for this project has ended
OS iOS , Web
Target Age Groups 22 to 34 , 21 and Under
Revenue Model In-app purchases , Ad-Supported , Free
Current App Stage Beta Released (not in app store)
Estimated Launch Date 28 Feb

7 Contributors

$930.00 Of $5,000.00 funded

This project must reach its goal by
February 16th or it will not be funded

The funding period for this project has ended

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Guarantee your ICON: Arena persona before everyone else!

Estimated delivery: February 28th

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Go 1 on 1 with the Sandwich Maker
Your choice of a training session with the creators of the game or an opportunity to sit in a design meeting with the Lead Designer!

Estimated delivery: February 28th

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Get in the Game!
Have your likeness drawn into the game!

Estimated delivery: February 28th

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