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A fighting game for your doodles.

About this Project

Grafighters is a fighting game for your doodles. A drawing, brawling, Pokemon-ish adventure for you and the monsters you've created. Doodle up some robots, dinosaurs, bears with chainsaw arms, or anything else you can imagine, bring them to life, and help them climb the ranks to become the greatest Grafighter in the land. Players can level-up their characters and teach them new skills as they battle against other doodled foe, for the ultimate bragging rights. The battles look like a one-on-one hand-drawn version of Celebrity Death Match, and if your charcter has what it takes they might even capture their opponent so you can add them to your collection.














The web version of Grafighters launched its beta in April 2012, and now has thousands of users uploading new characters on a daily basis. One of coolest parts thus far has been seeing the awesome, hilarious, and tastefully offensive characters drawn by everyone from crayon weilding toddlers to professional illustrators, and it thrills us even more to be turning this game into a mobile app!














Having Grafighters on your phone is like being able to fit all of your favorite toys right inside your pocket. If you're 5 years old this is probably the greatest thing you've ever heard, and if you're not then it's still a pretty big deal, because you're boring classes and business meetings just got a little more interesting. Truth be told, the app has been in development for several months and the finish line is in sight. That said, we need your help putting the icing on the cake.














We would love to have your feedback on everything from the gamplay to the interface design, and hear your ideas about how to improve them. Another area that we'd love to hear from you about is what other kinds of games would you like to play with your characters. Would something like Super Mario or NBA Jam be cool? Feel free to makes suggestions in the comments section.















If this whole thing has you pretty excited about playing Grafighters, we'd really appreciate your support by contributing to the project. Your funds will allow us to build extra features into the game and help us bring it to other platforms like Android and iPad much sooner. In return you will get a sweet Grafighters T-shirt, the satisfaction of of helping us build this game, and your name on a list of producers that will be sent out with the launch email.

...Here's some inspiration for those of you who are looking at that last reward and thinking you might want to get a portrait of yourself done in true Grafighters fashion. These are rough sketches, but hopefully you get the idea.




About The Team

Dave and I (Eric) were roommates/classmates at Syracuse University where we spent hours upon hours doodling all kinds of weird stuff in the margins of our notebooks. It was one of our favorite classroom activites and often ended in arguments over who's elaborate creations were more entertaining. During one fatefully boring power point session we decided to settle all our previous arguments through a 1 on 1, winner take all, smackdown draw-off. Whichever doodle we concluded to be left standing would earn all-time bragging rights. Needless to say, that was one of the best classes we've ever attended, even though the victor was never agreed upon (although I'm pretty sure I won).

That was in 2009, and the following summer we decided that Grafighters needed to happen. At the time Dave and I had some solid web design skills, but when it came to crazy-intense interactive development we definitely needed some help. Through a stoke of good fortune we found one of the internet's most powerful code wranglers right in our own backyard. Dave Benman, the first addition to our team, started working on how to breathe life into every character in the Grafighters world. 

Over the course of the next year we found two more team members. Jen, who IMHO happens to be one of the top 10 monster drawers in the universe, and Sam our awesome mobile developer who we happened to meet while waiting in line for an iPhone 4 (go figure).


Eric Cleckner



Dave Chenell



Sam Skelton


The Mobile Guy

Dave Benman


Code Wrangler


We are looking for

Marketing Advisor

We would love to talk with someone with experience marketing mobile games. If launching apps and acquiring users is your thing please reach out, thanks!


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I want to help

Experienced Game Designer

We are looking for someone who has launched several mobile games and understands what it takes to make a successful app. Specifically, we would like to have some help with monetization and building these loops into our game. Anyone who would be willing to share their experience with virtual goods ...

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I want to help

Some questions with the team

What is your definition of success for this application?
Make 10 or more kids scream for joy at the top of their lungs (hopefully captured on video, with or without fainting)
What is the best new invention as of late?
It hasn't arrived yet, but our team is pretty excited about international vacuum tube travel. NY to Beijing in 2 hours, that's just silly.
What is your favorite app and why?
Emoji icons- If you've ever tried to tell a story just using those icons you can appreciate how hilarious and challenging it is.
How did the team meet each other?
We're all from Syracuse, NY and happen to enjoy making people's childhood dreams come true.
Where do you (the team) do most of your work? (i.e. virtually, in an office)
We've got a big office with loud music, no windows, floor to ceiling wall murals, an 8ft long swordfish, a foosball table retrofitted with action figures, and a butt load of art supplies.

Project Team:

Passionate Bearded Hackerish Doodlers

Eric Cleckner Dave Chenell Sam Skelton Dave Benman


New York

On the web:

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Entertainment, Games

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The funding period for this project has ended
OS iOS , Web
Target Age Groups 21 and Under , 22 to 34
Revenue Model In-app purchases , Ad-Supported
Current App Stage In Development
Estimated Launch Date 20 Nov

43 Contributors

$3,247.11 Of $2,500.00 funded

This project must reach its goal by
February 16th or it will not be funded

The funding period for this project has ended

Contribute $20 or more...

Nice and simple Grafighters tee, nothing but fabric and the logo front and center. It's the perfect shirt to wear if you feel like drawing monsters. And if you happen to like drawing monsters every day that's fine with us, just keep rockin' that shirt all day, every day.

Estimated delivery: December 1st

94 of 100 still available.

Contribute $20 or more...

Once again we've got the nice and simple Grafighters tee, nothing but fabric and the logo front and center. The green tee is perfect for outdoor activities such as walking your dinosaur, or playing chess in the park. You can also draw monsters in this one.

Estimated delivery: December 1st

94 of 100 still available.

Contribute $20 or more...

Same thing here, nice and simple Grafighters tee, blue fabric with the logo front and center. This shirt is highly recommended for people who like blue shirts.

Estimated delivery: December 1st

96 of 100 still available.

Contribute $20 or more...

Pink tee with the Grafighters logo, looking real nice. If you want to draw attention to your doodles, or yourself this is the perfect tee for you! It's bright, stylish, and goes well with crayons or creepy Tim Burton esque illustrations. As long as you're going all out it's going to look good.

Estimated delivery: December 1st

100 of 100 still available.

Contribute $20 or more...

Blah blah blah, yellow tee with the logo. Do you know what else is yellow? The sun. And do you know what the sun does? Everything. It's a BFD. If you want to be a boss like the sun, you need this yellow shirt. Boom roasted yellow haters.

Estimated delivery: December 1st

97 of 100 still available.

Contribute $25 or more...

Just when you thought all these shirts were created equal... The black tee is a game changer. The most versatile of them all. If you've got a professional wrestling match to attend rip the sleeves off and be the cooles dude in the crowd, or if you're having dinner with a fancy person sew them back on and wear some nice pants. Either way it's sure to impress.

Estimated delivery: December 1st

49 of 50 still available.

Contribute $40 or more...

Whoa, 2 shirts!? Wear them both at the same time, or don't. Either way is fine with us.

Estimated delivery: December 1st

94 of 100 still available.

Contribute $50 or more...

Really now!? This is pretty epic. We don't suggest you wear all 3 at the same time unless you live at the North Pole. Maybe you should think about giving one to your friend :)

Estimated delivery: December 1st

90 of 100 still available.

Contribute $150 or more...

Limited edition Grafighters poster only available to the Appstori community. An 18" x 24" Grafighters style masterpiece, featuring tons of characters and general awesomeness. If you're a fan of the artwork then you definitely don't want to miss out on this opportunity. The poster also comes with the T-shirt of your choice.

Estimated delivery: December 1st

22 of 25 still available.

Contribute $350 or more...

Want to know what you'd look like as a Grafighters character? Now's your chance! Jen, our crazy-good monster drawer will turn a picture of you into an epic doodle-beast. This is the top prize for a reason. It's a 12" x 16", one-of-a-kind portrait that you won't be able to get anywhere else. Think of this glorious piece of art as a thank you for being one of our biggest supporters! This picture also comes with the limited edition Grafighters poster and a T-shirt of your choice.

Estimated delivery: December 1st

7 of 10 still available.


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