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Find Your Lobster


NYC's Mobile, Organic Alternative to Dating Sites

About this Project

Find Your Lobster is a mobile app that will help single people in NYC meet in a fun, organic way.

It’s a lofty goal - we’re definitely David in a land of dating site Goliaths - but we believe there’s nothing more important than finding your match, and we think we’ve uncovered a great way to do it. We’re close to launching, but need your help to push our app across the finish line.

Find Your Lobster came from 3degrees, a company we founded a year ago that was meant to help people do fun things with their friends’ friends. Our users logged in through Facebook, then searched their extended networks for interesting, local people. They could then reach out to a mutual friend for an intro. However, all anyone wanted to do was meet their friends’ single friends. Over and over and over. So, Find Your Lobster was born.

How It Works

We spoke with everyone who’d take our calls, emails, Skypes and texts about what a dating app should look like. We used the pain points we heard as a blueprint for FYL. Here’s how it looks:

Users log in with their Facebook account (we NEVER post to your wall, tell your friends, etc.). We do this to leverage your basic info and interests to speed up the profile building process. It also enables us to show you friends of friends. We use a “Madlibs” style profile to fill in the gaps (and give you an excuse to play some Madlibs).

In less than 5 minutes, you’ll see your first set of matches, or “Lobsters.” These are single, hand picked people in NYC. Some will be friends of friends, some will simply be compatible. Users can reach out to any shared mutual friends if they’d like.  

If interested, click the check mark. You’ll show up in that person’s set of Lobsters the following day - you can either let them know you’re interested or keep it confidential (you’ll look just like any other Lobster). Once there’s mutual interest, we open up a messaging thread.

Finally, we’ll suggest some cool, local date possibilities while the Lobster creates fun, optional conversation topics to keep the initial contact light and enjoyable.

What We Need:

We think we’ve got some great perks for people who contribute to the cause - especially the party, it’s going to be awesome.

We’re raising this money so we can knock our initial marketing campaign out of the park. No matter how great an app we build (and it’s really great), if we can’t fight through the cluttered dating app landscape and build a strong initial user base we’ve got no shot. This money will give us the advertising and marketing budget to attract a bunch of awesome, single people in NYC so we’re providing an incredible experience from day 1. We thank you greatly for the opportunity.

About The Team

Our team is a Pu Pu Platter of talent from all over the world. 3degrees, the idea that proved the concept for Find Your Lobster, was founded by Brian. After pivoting, he found a fantastically talented Ruby shop operating out of Romania called Ruby Tribe. Next, Brendan and Wayne joined the project to handle UX, branding and marketing. Initially an outsourced agreement, the guys quickly became partners as the idea and all the people involved clicked. 


The Find Your Lobster team can almost always be found working crazy hours at WeWork Labs, Projective Spaces, and of course Romania. If we aren't there, we're likely plotting out marketing strategies at McSorley's Pub while worrying about our lead developer Robbert's part-time job as a racecar driver.  

Brian Scordato



Wayne  Congar



Brendan Bilko




We are looking for

Head of Social Media

We need a voice for Find Your Lobster. Someone passionate about the dating scene in NYC, and someone obsessed with interesting social media. A journalism or media background is best, but if you're taleted and interested in this (part-time, paid) job, give me a shout at 


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I want to help

Some questions with the team

What music do you listen to while you work?
We stick almost exclusively with early 90's rap and hip hop, though country music definitely sneaks into the rotation as well.
What's your (the team) favorite device?
Anything with a little "i" in front of it.

Project Team:

Brian Scordato Wayne  Congar Brendan Bilko


New York

On the web:

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Lifestyle, Entertainment

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The funding period for this project has ended
Target Age Groups 22 to 34
Revenue Model In-app purchases , Subscription , Ad-Supported
Current App Stage In Development
Estimated Launch Date 14 Feb

27 Contributors

$3,060.00 Of $3,000.00 funded

This project must reach its goal by
April 30th or it will not be funded

The funding period for this project has ended

Contribute $5 or more...

45 Extra Matches!
$5 bucks gets you 5 extra batches of "Lobsters," that's 45 potential matches total! $5 to kick start your love life.

Estimated delivery: February 14th

100 of 100 still available.

Contribute $20 or more...

Find Your Lobster...Roll
As you may know, Luke's Lobster makes the best Lobster rolls on the planet. This deal gets you a $20 gift certificate to Luke's, as well as 45 free matches when you join FYL. Luke's has locations all over the city, and a Lobster roll and a stroll in the city is about as good as a first date gets.

Estimated delivery: February 14th

46 of 50 still available.

Contribute $30 or more...

Lobster Tees
Special edition, buttery soft Find Your Lobster tees. Pictures to the left. Comes with 45 extra matches as well.

Estimated delivery: February 14th

38 of 50 still available.

Contribute $45 or more...

Party Time
Time to party. We're hosting a launch party for Find Your Lobster in February, and $45 will get you all you can eat / drink for the evening. Additionally, you'll see everyone who attends in your batches of lobsters the following week, so if you didn't have a chance to speak with someone at the party you can make up for it the following week! You'll also get 45 extra matches right off the bat.

Estimated delivery: March 1st

198 of 200 still available.

Contribute $85 or more...

The Whole Lot
Get your hands on the matches, the tee, the Lobster Roll, and tickets to the party. A bonus tee shirt if you show up to the party in the FYL shirt with Lobster Roll in hand.

Estimated delivery: March 1st

20 of 25 still available.

Contribute $450 or more...

Appearance from The Lobster
I'll show up to any event, party, work function or family gathering you'd like in the Lobster Costume (pictured left). I really hope no one buys this one.

Estimated delivery: February 14th

3 of 3 still available.


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