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5 Ways to Design an Attractive and Effective X Banner

X banner stand is one of the most effective low-cost alternative tools for promotion. X banner is more commonly used for indoor events. It is simple, versatile, and easy to handle. What is most important when it comes to making an X banner is the design. Only with a good design, you can promote successfully with the banner. Here are some important designing tips so that you can get an X banner that is effective and attractive.

1. Place Logo On Top

You should never miss the chance of trying to strengthen your brand awareness by putting your logo on the banner where everyone can see. It is best to place the logo of your brand or company on top where people’s eyes land first as they see your banner. Putting it on top heightens the chance to attract people’s attention so make sure that whatever important goes on the topmost part of the banner.

2. Less Words

Try not to overcrowd the design of your banner by inserting too many words. It is best to deliver the content of your X banner concisely and simply so that people can easily understand the main idea of the banner. Too many words will only discourage people from reading and cause them to avert their gaze from your banner. So, deliver quickly, concisely, and simply.

3. High Quality Picture

Inserting images into the design of your X banner can make it look even more interesting and it can surely grab the attention of people who pass it by. If you are promoting a product, you should most definitely include the images of your product in the design of your X banner. Whatever image you put in, just make sure that they are all of high quality, having a resolution of 300 dpi so that you can be sure that the quality won’t change as it gets printed, no matter what size of the banner it will be.

4. Color

Choose a color that can really attract people’s attention. The color that you choose should be interesting but also can represent your company, product, or service well. It needs to show the identity of your brand or company. All colors that you choose to be in the design of your X banner must work well with each other to create a look that appears pleasant to the eyes. Try to find a color palette and take colors that can create a good aesthetic.

5. Material

There are different types of materials that can be chosen for an X banner, such as albatross or Flexi. Different type of material has different characteristics and they are good for different purposes. Some materials are better suited for outdoor uses, but some are better for indoors. Some result in a glossy look, some don’t. Some are of high quality that they can produce a sharper and crisper image, while some are cheaper yet they don’t have the compatibility for high quality printing. Always match the quality of the banner you want with the budget you have.

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