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4 Things About Post Cards That Just Make Sense

Postcards are a medium for conveying information that is often a substitute for ordinary envelopes. This is because there are interesting features that postcards have that ordinary envelopes don’t. Besides, you can send goods with a description on the envelope and even just a piece of paper. But on a postcard, on the other hand, it is another level. You can write a message along with an interesting design drawing on the postcard. Currently, postcards are a trend because they can be used as souvenirs for people who have travelled to a certain place. There are many places in Singapore postcard printing that you can use to make postcards. Something about postcards is so relevant that makes their use timeless. Here are some of them, you definitely need to read these. 

1. You Can Bring in to Family Occasions 

Chatting with your lovely family is a special thing. It is a plus if you make the gathering with your family even more festive. You can give your family a special gift from the place you just visited. On a postcard, you can write a message containing a text indicating your sincere gratitude or anything else you want. Of course, this will add a good impression and strengthen your relationship. Remember, when you want to design a postcard by yourself, use an application such as adobe illustrator. There, you need to set to CMYK mode, and 300 DPI. This will ensure you get great results and sharp images on your postcards. 

2. A Go-To for Gifts 

With a fairly small size like A5 and A6, you can use postcards as souvenirs that you can carry around to give to the people you care about without worrying about the weight. The various designs contained on postcards also make you have many choices of images or designs on the postcards to carry. Postcards also have one-sided and or double-sided printing options. It is up to you whether you want one-sided or double-sided postcard printing. 

3. A Special Personalized Message 

If you use a regular envelope, there may not be many things that you can explore and be creative with. However, postcards give you room to get creative with designs and writing on one or both sides. You can write various things on the postcard. In addition, you can use other designs and decorations that can be combined with the postcard itself. Decorations that can be used such as photos and other unique images that you want. So, what are you waiting for? Create your postcard now! 

4. A Good Way to Start Selling One 

Besides being used for various purposes to exchange with a pen pal, there are other things that are no less cool. Exactly! You can get started making your own postcards and selling them both online and offline. You can look up postcard design ideas or concepts all around you. You can also use the online platform to find ideas and other references. So, what are you waiting for? Start making ’em right this second, good luck! 

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