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3 Simple Ways To Make High Quality Wedding Cards

One of the essentials of a wedding is a wedding card that lets your guests know when and where your event is. A wedding card should be designed and printed the best way possible to create a good impression regarding your wedding event. Unfortunately, the cost of wedding card printing can be quite expensive. But don’t worry, if you are willing to save up money, you can try designing it on your own. But it is still recommended to print your wedding card professionally in a printing shop so that you can get high-quality results. Without further ado, here are some important and useful wedding card printing tips.

1. Printer and Ink Compatibility

If you want to print your own invitation card printing in Singapore, then you have to really prepare the right printer and ink to use. For example, if you are using an inkjet printer, then fin dye-based ink with wide color gamut, deep black tine, and high saturation for printing your wedding cards. An inkjet printer is one of the best for wedding card printing at home because it produces vivid images and it can process semi-gloss paper. But the downside of this printer is actually the ink, where it is not as long-lasting as other types of ink. However, you can choose to use pigment-based ink that can last longer especially with archival papers. For this type of ink, you have to be ready to spend more money because it is more expensive.

Because inks can be quite expensive, you have to know how to save up ink and how to use it efficiently. Being able to gauge the need of ink and plan the budget for wedding card printing this way is very important so that you can have accurate money allocation.

2. Wedding Card Paper Stock

When it comes to wedding card printing, one of the most important decisions is regarding the type of paper used for it. There are a lot of varieties when it comes to wedding card paper stock. It is recommended to use paper that is thicker and more durable than the average paper for a more proper and elegant look. The recommended weight for a good wedding card paper stock is no less than 80 pounds or 12 point stock. But in choosing a paper stock you have to remember that not all papers are suitable for all inks. Some don’t really take large ink coverage that well. The common inkjet printers don’t process too thick papers very well too. If you find difficulties in printing on your choice of paper using the printer you have, then you should definitely consider printing in a printing shop.

3. Design and Printing Considerations

There are several design and printing considerations that are very important to make to ensure successful wedding card printing. For example, bleed; it is recommended to always go full bleed. Design the wedding card over the edge. Doing this will make the printed result fill up all the surface parts of the paper stock instead of having a blank area around the edges of the paper stock.

Also, remember to calibrate your screen for color balance during the designing process. Calibrating and color balancing is important to make sure that you get accurate colors upon printing. And don’t forget to convert the RGB colors to CMYK colors for better results as well.

For wedding card printing, especially done on your own, it is much better to use paper stocks with uniform size. The printing process will be a lot easier because you won’t have to cut off the paper after printing. Trimming or cutting especially done without professional tools will most likely cause uneven results.

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