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3 Design and Printing Tips You Can Do to Create Attractive Name Card for Business

If you are a professional entrepreneur, you have to know the importance of a name card. A name card is essential in growing your networks. With a name card, you can make a great first impression that surely lasts. As you know, you don’t get a second chance in making a favorable first impression. 

What makes a good name card? Well, at the very basic, a good express name card printing in Singapore must have a great design. But, the design alone is not enough. Aside from a design, you have to make sure that the name card printing quality is great.  

How to do all that? Don’t worry, you will get everything you need to know here. 

1. Design Simply 

A great design is not a design that looks extravagant. Rather, a good design is one that is simple yet engaging. You don’t have to decorate your name card with lavish embellishments. You can design your name cards minimalistic, yet it can still be engaging. Moreover, a simply designed name card is more likely to be effective rather than one with confusing design. 

When it comes to the design of a name card, you also have to consider the content that you want to put into your design. 

A name card needs to be effective in delivering the information. That means you have to know what information that is of priority when it comes to your name card. Make sure that everything included in the design of your name card is relevant for your card recipient. 

At the very least, a name card should include the information of your name, your job title, the company where you work or your business name, and phone number. 

Since digitisation is becoming more popular these days, people would also like it if you let them know your email address and social media handle as well as the website. With this information, you can remain to be in contact both offline and online. 

2. Typography 

One of the strongest points of a name card is its typography. A name card with an appealing font will appear more interesting than one with a bland font. But you must be careful not to choose a type of font that is overly stylized or looking like calligraphy. Sure, they attract attention. But are they easy to read? Definitely not. So if you want to make a name card that works effectively, you have to be able to choose a font that is straightforward yet beautiful for your design. 

3. Don’t Go Full Coverage 

It is important to have some empty space on your name card. It doesn’t mean that the space that is left empty without text or embellishment goes to waste. The empty space on your name card can actually be a good thing because it lets people take note on the empty space. Sometimes, this is needed. If you don’t spare some space for this to happen, people might not like your name card and think that you’re overdoing your design. So, keep in mind to leave some blank space on your name card for a neater design. 

As a closing tip, it is important to remember to print your name card professionally. That means you shouldn’t attempt on printing your own name card with an office printer and expect a high-quality result. Go to a printing shop, choose a great paper stock and finish, and get an amazing stack of name cards for you and your business.

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